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This blog began with my passion for DIY, a small business in interior redesign, and a lifelong love of Mid Century classics and sleek antiques!

My DIY projects had me painting, sewing and crafting my way to make over pieces for homes and spaces being redesigned. I was constantly working on small projects to bring rooms to life, and on the treasure hunt for derelict vintage furniture with good bones. I researched many pieces that I found, and blogged their history and makeovers as they unfolded.

I fell in love with so many great treasures along the way, constantly adding to our collection of things. Some were project-bound needing a DIY fix, and others were perfect as found. There was so much vintage goodness lurking out there on the shelves, and somehow I had to curb temptation! There was no ‘need’ for all the things I saw, but I loved the thrill of the hunt! I found myself drifting around the idea of selling online, but wondered how a virtual shop would work for me.

This all changed when I introduced a few friends to a sneak-peek behind the scenes at how I sourced cast away objects for the DIY mix. We ventured out as a trio on weekly scavenger hunts, looking for lost treasures and forgotten goods. It wasn’t long before these outings shaped my then wandering thoughts that have lead to sZinteriors fuelling Audrey Would! Yes, I have started an online vintage home boutique!

At Audrey Would! we sell sleek vintage barware and sparkly tabletop pieces, wooden serving ware and elegant decor. You will find silver and crystal, art glass, china, Danish Modern and more! Audrey is a blend of old Hollywood glam, Mad Men and Gatsby.

This blog has become a mix of the old and the new. The focus has always been on Mid Century Modern classics, Hollywood Regency Style and Art Deco design. You will find topics ranging from DIY tips and tutorials to the history of vintage pieces now being sold at Audrey Would!  I believe it’s in the stories pieces hold that turn a house into a home, and that’s what feeds my vision for the collectibles at Audrey Would! Ultimately that belief fuels the kinds of articles that you will find here.

This blog is a lifestyle blend of home and Audrey Would!

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  • These are lucite and spaghetti swag lights. I had mine in the mid 70’s and just got it back from my Grandmother’s house before it was torn down. It’s orange and I still love mine. My mother on the other hand just had to get rid of it and many other things I would have loved to keep from my childhood.

  • So glad to read this! I was a salesperson for Coppercraft in 1977-78 to earn extra money for a bedroom set! I loved it and had quite a collection when I quit. They were all kept in a glass cabinet and looked so pretty with white lights in it so they could sparkle! Unfortunately, my house burnt last winter and I lost them to the fire. Am rebuilding and trying to find and buy some of my favorites. The Roly polys were special to me! I would like to purchase them and a copper tray if you have one.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you for your comment! I have sold all the roly polys and the tray that I’ve come across, but I do see them on Etsy from time-to-time, so you might want to check other vintage shops. I hope you are able to find these items! Sheila

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