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A Chandelier Makeover Lights Up Our Life ;-)

I’m not sure if it was the sunshine, or just the sheer determination to see this DIY project through to the end this weekend, but our ReStore chandelier is off the project ‘to do’ list! If you missed the ‘Before’ post, feel free to catch up on it here.

This is where we started. The chandelier exactly as we bought it from ReStore.

Wrought Iron Candle-Socket Chandelier

Plans: to spray it out black.

And here’s a quick look at my trusty spray booth ready for the spraying action.

Spray Painting A Chandelier

Well, my semi-booth…

And in my eagerness to get started, I almost forgot to protect the candle sockets, but luckily remembered just in time.

I cut painters tape to fit inside the opening – that’s the green you see.

And finally got the first coat sprayed on.

I was trying to be light-handed with the paint, but some areas got a little extra love on this round.

I learned that I probably should put some sides on my booth in the future. I got away without sides in other projects, but… let’s just say hubs was very understanding with the spots that accidentally hit his car.


I know they’re a little hard to see here (they are, right?), and from my perspective that’s a good thing 😉 Whew, most of these have come off! He must really love me now 🙂

Especially since this next part was where he stepped in.

Down with the old… remember to switch the breaker off to the light’s power source before messing with the wiring!

The new hole drilled for the chandelier…

And a swag hook with a butterfly anchor installed.

This part always makes me nervous :-{

The new chandie had to be rewired with longer wire…

And a new black chain installed, too.

It all looks pretty messy, doesn’t it?

But then we finally got to test the new wiring out.

Breaker on, and…

It all works!

The final step, to decide how low to hang the chandelier, then cut the wiring and chain to the right length.

We went back and forth on the height. This space has a 9′ ceiling, so we started with 30″ above the table, but it felt a little too low to hubs, so we adjusted it to 32″. We don’t have a dimmer switch… yet, but that’s been added to the ‘to do’ list!

What do you think?

Now that we’re happy with the light fixture, we can shift our attention to the rest of the space! We actually have a larger farmhouse trestle table that hubby made. We want to swap it out with this one, but just need to give it a quick refinishing before we do.

Here’s a little re-run of the before and after:





And remember when I mentioned the clock was one of the reasons we wanted to paint the chandelier black?



We think this chandelier is a better fit.

How about you?

It’s amazing what a difference a little tweak like this can make. And the process was fun as well. In the end making changes to your space that put a smile on your face are worth the effort involved… and especially when you can support a great cause like Habitat for Humanity in the process! This was a perfect way for us to end our weekend. I hope you had a good weekend, too!

I’ve linked this makeover in support of Habitat for Humanity’s 5th Annual ‘Before & After’.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity

Pop on over to OPC’s The Better Half, to see other supporters, too!



It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story! 

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 Photos: Sheila Zeller



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  1. Definate improvement! Looks great.

  2. Wow, that looks fabulous! It’s amazing how just changing that previous hanging light fixture makes a world of difference! Great job!!

  3. love it

    • We’re loving it, too! We definitely need to install a dimmer for more flexibility in controlling the brightness, but overall we are super thrilled with the end result!

  4. Yep! That was a great find. Definitely grab a dimmer- you’ll get all the ambience you can’t get with just a simple switch! BTW had my first OPEN at the Brentwood T.H. I was asking you about – for design ideas- The commendation on the lower level I self-designed were hard to take- not used to compliments- at least not at an open house! It is unique in these 140 units of townhouses that are the blight you see when taking the Mill Bay ferry to Brentwood Bay. NOW all I need is to find something to replace those awful brassy actor studio lights in the two main bathrooms!! Maybe REstore has something! PV

    • I just talked to my Dad this morning – he’s always looking for a project, and installing the dimmer is right up his alley! So you designed the lower level? Good for you!!! Compliments are always a good thing, so I think those brassy actor studio lights must make a quick exit! Good luck in your search… and you just never know with ReStore. The stock changes quickly, but there is always potential…

  5. Oh such an improvement Sheila!!! Crappy about the car but hey, he put up the light ….. he still loves you.

    • He’s so awesome – yup, still loves me! What I didn’t write was how the scenario would’ve gone down if the tables were turned. I didn’t want to expose my ‘tendencies’ in writing! 😉

  6. Great shape to that chandelier! And good selection with the black paint. I can’t believe you go it on the car, whoops! I risk that in our garage too!

  7. Yay! Looks awesome Sheila and fits right in there. Enjoy your new light fixture!

  8. Love, love, love! What a great redesign of your light. So much nicer in the black. Great job Sheila!

  9. I was waiting to see the transformation. Looks great and makes such an improvement. Thanks for sharing the after! I always seeing your DYI projects…they give me some inspiration every time.

  10. Don’t you just love the ReStore? Always a great source of inspiration and the proceeds go to a great cause, Habitat for Humanity. Win win.

  11. Terrific chandi, Sheila!! Perfect replacement! I wish I had a garage or shop to paint my things. I’m jealous!! 😉

  12. Hey Sheila, Thanks so much for linking up and for plugging the series!! ps – so sorry about the paint on your car. 🙁

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