A DIY Design for Our CSA Deliveries!

Ready, set, here we go! That’s my motto for this blog post. You see I’ve been trying to put this post together in between Audrey Would! priorities, and on top of the all important Audrey details, I’ve been battling our SHAW internet for weeks. Hubs is on it, but that doesn’t make posting any easier. Let’s just say, we’re not happy with our service provided right now. ๐Ÿ˜

So, ready set – here we go!

Every week, for 21 weeks through the summer and early fall we get a bag of fresh produce delivered to us by Makaria Farm that looks like this.

Makaria Farm CSA Delivery

We’re so lucky to have Makaria’s door-to-door delivery service. Love it! But some days I’m not home to receive our bag of goodness, and it’s filled with all kinds of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) goodness like this.

Makaria Farm Veggies

Our porch gets super hot in the afternoon sun – not a good spot for our veggies to be left. It’s also really tiny, but ever since Shauna from Satori Design for Living hosted the Outdoor Extravaganza link up, I’ve been wanting to put a bench in the only spot where one could be squeezed in.

I thrifted and scoured for weeks trying to find a bench that could be given a little personal DIY touch, but with no luck. I realized custom was probably the only way to get what I wanted, so enter Dad and my crazy idea! Yes, a custom bench retrofit with a built-in cubby for our CSA bag! ๐Ÿ™‚

Once Dad and I were on the same drafting page, he set to work building the bench! Here’s a look at it sitting in his shop.

Custom Pine Bench

I wish my shop was outfitted like his! Hhhh, a girl can dream…

This bench ended up being one solid unit, as in very heavy. It took two of us to set it into place, and you can see I wasn’t kidding about a tight squeeze!

Custom Pine Bench

Here’s a one-two-three of the custom design.

  • One side of the bench has a flip-up lid with a removeable styrofoam lid on the inside…

Custom Pine Bench

  • Underneath the styrofoam lid is a compartment sized for the CSA bag.

Custom Pine Bench

  • The compartment is fully lined with styrofoam so it essentially becomes a cooler.

Custom Pine Bench

  • ย Notice the ice pack in the bottom?ย And see how the chain of the lid fits neatly into the groove? Yes, that’s a deliberate part of the design – Dad thinks of everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So even though I wasn’t able to link up to the Outdoor Extravaganza, I’m still pretty thrilled to have a multi-functional bench on our porch.

Custom Pine Bench

And I even did a little spiff up.

I don’t have a true before, since there wasn’t really much to take! But here’s a semi-before…

This is the bench sitting in place before I put the finish on it.

Custom Pine Bench

Since we don’t own this home I wasn’t sure what finishing look to go for, so I decided to keep it simple and just clear coat it for now.

I tried my hand made rag rug on top for some padding and colour…

Custom Pine Bench / Hand Made Rag Rug

And I actually really like how cheery it looks, but I realized the sun will fade it before too long. This rug is kind of special to me (I wrote about it here), ย so now I have visions of DIYing seat cushions lingering in my mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is how the bench looks now!

Custom Pine Bench

With summer winding down I think this is as good as it gets for now.

How about you? Have you gotten something checked off your summer wish list just in the knick of time?

At the beginning of the post I mentioned our internet frustrations. Well, by the time this post was finished I was bumped off 4… no, now make that 5 times! Pretty crazy, huh? Luckily I don’t plan to be posting again until late next week since we’re off to Haida Gwaii for a little visit. Hubs tells me Shaw will be coming by on our return. Fingers crossed they resolve this craziness by then!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

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