A DIY Sign Stand for Multiple Heights

If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Facebook, then you’ll have seen these little dipped legs unfold! Here’s a look behind the scenes at what that was all about!

Sign Stand Post Painted

Audrey Would! had a beautiful big sign made for her booth at the Vintage Expo in Victoria, but we had no sign stand and no time to get one! The sign was taped to the window behind our booth – it was up, but as you can see the location wasn’t great.

Audrey Would! at Victoria Vintage Expo - 2013

By Saturday the sign had started sliding and almost fell down, so we ended up taking it down before any damage could be done!

When my Dad heard about this, he was suddenly on a mission! Yes, a custom sign stand, and a deluxe model I might add, was in the works!

The design considerations:

  1. The stand had to be compact and portable.
  2. The base had to be weighted, and sit fully under the table.
  3. The height needed to be adjustable.

Audrey Would - Sign Stand 'Before' - 450

And of course, the stand had to be painted – that’s where the dipped legs came in! Where the wood was left unpainted is actually the section of the post that fits into the inserts.

Sign Functions Diagram

The easel section was a little trickier to paint. The ledge that holds the sign in place needed to be white so it would blend with the sign, but the bottom of it had to be black. This is where painters tape came in handy!

Sign Easel

You can see in the photo insert how silly a black strip would have looked!

I have to say, the engineering behind our custom stand is of patent quality! We had a chance to test drive the extension this past weekend at the Urban Market in Abbotsford, and it worked perfectly.

Audrey Would! at the Urban Market in Abbotsford - 2013

Here’s another look at the sign in action…

Audrey Would! - BoothsFirst, without the stand in our Victoria booth, and then with it in Abbotsford.Β Much better, don’t you think?

And here’s a look at the stand all on its own.

Audrey Would! Sign

Can you see the white ledge holding the sign in? Imagine if that was black!!

Thanks for stopping by!Β 

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller


7 thoughts on “A DIY Sign Stand for Multiple Heights”

  • Oooh, I didn’t know about the Victoria Expo — will you be at any of the Christmas Fairs here? I’d love to see your items & discuss your online boutique — so often, I see something I’d like but shipping to Canada would cost way more than the item itself. πŸ™

    LUV your Dad’s sign design — classic yet modern — he could offer them online, too! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Vanessa!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!! Where are you located on the Island? We are in the Cowichan Valley, and the only event we have coming up for the Holiday Season is a studio sale with NikkiDesigns on November 15 & 16 – would love for you to come! I’ll email you the information… We missed out on the Vintage Christmas Fair in Victoria, sadly, and we checked into the other big Christmas events, but we fall between the qualifying cracks for these ones! πŸ™

  • Ah perfect! Much better. I totally wish I was able to come out to Abbotsford last weekend but hope to see you and Audrey sooner than later. So happy for you!!!!! How did it go?

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