A Little Burst of Blush: Rosé Wine Decor

A Little Burst of Blush: Rosé Wine Decor

I’m back today with the second post in my mini series, the many colours of wine. Today the focus is on rosé wine also called blush, and this is the wine that’s somewhere in the middle between white wine and red wine.

What a perfect year in the colour world for blush wines since this year is all about pink… actually honeysuckle pink!

Here is Pantone’s Honeysuckle 18-2120, the colour of the year for 2011.



And here is the colour range for Rosé wines.


Do you see what I see? Yes, it looks like honeysuckle fits somewhere on this scale of colours, like maybe the ‘rose’ colour that you’ll see coming up.

But first, the lavender colour chip. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have not chosen the colour names tagged to these colour chips. Names and colours have been sourced from this wine colour guide site.



Isn’t the Juju headdress a great accessory? It’s so bright and cheerful, and definitely makes an impact!




Do you notice how black is a common accent with these brighter colours? It helps to ground and balance the energy of such a vibrant space.




I just love this room… it feels so calm, and has the perfect punctuation in use of colour.




The area rug is key to the colours in this space working. It adds pattern and texture, which creates visual interest, and pulls everything together.




This room is amazing. The strategic placement of the throws is perfect, and necessary. They add visual weight and balance to the overall presentation. Without them the metallic piece would overpower the space, and feel too large and heavy.




This space just feels like fun, yet the lamps suggest a bit of glam and adult flair… and it’s a great use of orange as an accent colour.


…and Luciane at Home Bunch, this next one’s for you! You mentioned no wine for 8 months… 😉






Isn’t this a nice representation of the rosé wine palette… soft pinks to oranges, and even some browns!

Would you select any of these colours for your home? Which would you choose?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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3 thoughts on “A Little Burst of Blush: Rosé Wine Decor”

  • Good morning, Sheila!

    Hahahhaa… you’re so right! No wine around here! But wait until this little one is born! LOL Just kidding! LOL

    Love the nursery. It’s really unique and I like the strong colors. I’ll keep this one in mind.

    Thank you so much. You’re always so wonderful to me.

    Enjoy your weekend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  • Hi, its me again, thank you for the advice, i have lots of things in mind i want everything ha ha ha. Honestly i want that strawberry and copper room and the last picture really caught my interest, the combination of colors are so cool. I’ll show this to my brothers when i get home, their the one’s assigned to paint the walls ha ha. you think orange would be good for guys? their thinking of darker shades but mom don’t agree with that.

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