A Little Garden Tour

A Little Garden Tour

I promised you a little garden tour after scattering the freshly painted terracotta pots around.

So let’s get started!

Welcome. This is the planter that greets you at the front door.

Spiky Red Star Plant, Regatta Rose Lobelia, Lavender Wave Petunia

A new terracotta pot filled with some colourful stuff! I got some great buying tips from Jean over at Flower Hill Design that you might want to check out! This is what’s in the new terracotta planter:

  • Spikey Red Star
  • Lavender Wave Petunia
  • Regatta Rose Lobelia, a little hard to see, because it’s hiding in the back.

And I’m trying something new this year, that I saw on Pinterest

The bottom of this planter is filled with 3 empty plastic water bottles. This is to help with drainage, and also to fill the planter up a bit. Did you know your pots don’t actually need to be filled with as much dirt as they will hold?

We’ll see how this goes!

At the bottom of the steps we have theses two planters.

Sweet Basil, Chives, Gerbera Daisy

The back planter is filled with Sweet Basil and Chives, and the front planter is a Gerbera Daisy. The Daisy was a gift a while back, and I’m hoping it will like this new home! Notice the rubber bin? You might remember one like it from my article, ‘Recycled Tires in Decor’.

This is a snap-shot of the new BBQ pad area with the flower pots in place…

Red Geraniums, Spiky Dracaena, Lattice Heat Pump Surround, Cement BBQ Pad

And the recently installed heat pump surround, which is ready and waiting for the Sweet Peas to be set out in front. That’s happening soon!

This is the side yard where all the weeding and planting activity has been taking place. You can see how dry this spot gets!

Rock Benches for Plants, Lily of the Valley, Full Sun Garden

The Lily of the Valley you see bordering the rocks came from my Dad. He had to thin his patch out!

Let’s take a closer look at what’s here.

This is the little garden bed by the porch you see, which we put in back in the early Fall.

Iceland Poppy, Hens and Chicks, Frosty Fire Dianthus

Hubby’s parents brought us a bunch of plants from their garden then, and the Black Eyed Susan’s got planted here. We hope they bloom! We’ve also added ‘Frosty Fire’ Dianthus, and a few Hens and Chicks.

Here’s another little planter with more Hens and Chicks.

Hens and Chicks

In the fall we also put in some rock benches for plants.

Rock Benches for Plants, Iceland Poppy, Bleeding Heart, Full Sun Plants

The middle one has a Bleeding Heart in it, which we brought with us when we moved. We weren’t sure it was going to survive, but it came through and bloomed a little earlier this Spring. And the two outside benches were just planted with Iceland Poppies.

Our friends, Scott and Julie, gave us this Lavender bush.

Lavender Bush, Purple Calibrachoa

We transplanted it to this larger ceramic planter, and added the purple trailing Calibrachoa. Eventually the lavender bush will need to be planted in the ground, but for this summer we’re going to enjoy it here.

When we moved in and got to the bottom of the weeding, we discovered some herbs growing underneath. The one in front is Oregano, and the one in back is some kind of mint, but we’re not sure what. Do you know?

Potted Herbs, Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Mint

We decided to pot up some Cilantro and Basil to join them. I love fresh Basil, and can’t wait for it to really grow!

To go with our herbs, we popped in to Makaria Farm on Sunday for their organic tomato plant sale.

Makaria Farm Organic Tomatoes

Source: Clemens Rettich – Instagram

We thought the little side porch would be perfect to grow a few tomato plants, so we bought three.

Two cherry tomato plants…

Cherry Tomatoes in Pots

On the left is the ‘Indigo Rose’ variety…

Indigo Rose Cherry Tomato

And on the right is the ‘Sun Gold’ variety.

Sun Gold Cherry Tomato

And this larger Heirloom Vine tomato is the ‘Rose’ variety.

Heirloom Vine Tomato, Rose Tomato

I’ve had this stepping stone for a long time.

Stained Glass Stepping Stone

It was given to me by my Mom when we lived on the Charlottes, and has made each move since then. And I’m thinking this is a symbol of good luck that the plants we’ve put in will survive their moves, too!

Just for fun, remember where we started way back when we moved in?

Distressed Yard, Overgrown Yard

No kidding! This is what it looked like!

And here’s one more look at where we’re at now.

Landscaped Bank, Full Sun Plants, Dry Soil


Lily of the Valley Border, Full Sun Plants

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

I’ve joined in the fun and linked up here!

There are a ton of great projects to see, so why not pop over to check them out! Even better, join in the fun yourself!

A special thank you to these lovely hosts!.


IASWP   the space between 


And now that we’ve got our planting pretty much finished up, I’m looking forward to getting back to some of my painting projects that have been on hold!



16 thoughts on “A Little Garden Tour”

  • Lovely space to create beauty, Sheila. I have a stepping stone the same shape but with stained glass sunflower. I bought it years ago while visiting Nanaimo. I wonder where yours came from?

    • Hi Linda!
      I know mine came from one of the craft fairs on the Islands, I think the big Christmas one they have every year in Charlotte, and I believe it was a couple in Port Clements who made it… Mom bought my brother one in the same shape with a killer whale on it. That’s very cool that you have one, too… a sunflower would be so pretty.

  • Looks so pretty Sheila! A lot of work I bet. We have been trying to plant in our yard too but the mayflies chased me in the house this past weekend! That was even after I sprayed and with a net on. They are nasty. Good luck with the basil. Let me know if yours survives! I just planted three (at different times and locations) and they all died on me. I hope min garden looks as nice as yours!

    • I’ve been lucky so far with the pesky bugs, so that makes it easier to get things done. I feel bad for you – are the mayflies always this bad? What an annoyance. I’m holding my breath on the basil, because I know it’s not very forgiving… and I’m not very patient!

  • Wow, I guess I forgot what your “before” looked like – you’ve done a great job with your landscaping. And your planters look great. I started doing the place a few recycled bottles, cans, whatever at the bottom of the pots and it’s been a lifesaver and so much lighter to lug around if I need to move anything. I’ve never done herbs but I’d like to try them someday – I love fresh basil.

    • Thank you, Holly! I can’t believe I didn’t know about filling the bottom of the planters like this before! I have heard of styrofoam packing chips, but they’re not something I tend to keep around, so I’ve never done that. But this is genius! I love how it saves on dirt, and definitely how much lighter the pots are!

  • Wow – I need a long relaxing bath just after seeing all the work you did!!!

    What a fabulous transformation – patting you on the back! I always throw plastic bottles (and berry containers, yogurt cups …) into my pots too.

    Looks like you’ve got some great plants from friends and family – enjoy the fruits (and herbs) of your labor!!

    Thanks for joining our Outdoors party!

  • Wow! You’ve done an amazing makeover in your backyard garden! So much better now 🙂 I really like the little stone benches for the bleeding heart & popppies.

    Thanks for sharing the tip about putting plastic bottles in the bottom of your planters. I usually leave last year’s soil in the bottom half and add the new soil to the top half. But using bottles is a way better idea – not only for better drainage, but also because the planter will be lighter and easier to move if you have to relocate it.

    Your planters all look great – enjoy your flowers & herbs & garden!

    {Oh, I noticed one little sweet pea sprout just sticking its head out of the soil yesterday. Hope the rest are close behind!}

  • Oh what a lovely garden you have Sheila. Your passion shows through. I have always love to have cherry tomatoes in my garden, not just because they are soo sweet when you grow them yourself but they are big and they have that divine smell to them that just shouts out summer. Waiting for the invite.

  • Wow! What a huge transformation from the before …

    … and how fun to find some herbs growing wild in your backyard. And I think those are the prettiest tomato planter pots (with the iron trellis) that I’ve ever seen!

    … so happy that you shared with us all at our Great Outdoors link party!



  • Things are looking great Sheila! A massive amount of work isn’t it?
    PS – I love potato flowers too (I had no idea they were called sweet Caroline!).

    • Thanks Meagan! It is work, but I love it. I enjoy being outside so much, and especially when I can get something done that makes me happy down the road. So it’s worth it for sure!

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