A Little Vintage ‘&’ A Taste of Gin

I’m a gin martini girl, wet and dirty with 3 olives please! And if you stock it, Victoria Gin was my first choice.

But… when we were at the Duncan Farmer’s Market on Saturday we discovered a brand new, fresh out of the still local organic gin, which of course we had to try. This family founded craft distillery gin is so new to the market that the ink on the labels was barely dry, their Facebook page is brand new , and product shots are taking a back seat for the moment!

Meet Ampersand Distilling Co. ‘&’ their new organic gin!

Ampersand Gin (7)

To learn more about this new company pop over and visit their website. Find out what this local gin is all about.

We were lucky enough to have a quick chat and pick up a bottle for our own cocktail collection – apparently just in time as the gin sold out at the market in a hurry. The Mister also just bought a bottle of duty free Hendrick’s Gin on our way home from San Francisco, and naturally we stock our bar cart with Victoria Gin!

So if you saw my FB post, the gin tasting I promised to tell you more about was between these three.

Ampersand Gin (10)

Clemens (the Mister) set it up, so he had the advantage of knowing which gin he was tasting, making the guess-work all mine. Since gin is normally made in a copper still he ‘borrowed’ this handcrafted copper tray from Audrey Would! This really set the stage! He poured a shot of each gin into these small vintage roly poly glasses from our own barware collection, and got the tasting underway.

Ampersand Gin (4)

We tasted, we compared notes, and we tasted a little more. In the end we really fell in love with the new Ampersand gin. We decided that each gin has its own personality, but our little secret is our local Vancouver Island gins beat out the duty free!

We really enjoyed sipping Ampersand on its own. It has a great aroma, interesting flavours that come out in layers, and we really liked its ‘no burn’ smooth finish. However, I did say I am a martini girl…

Ampersand Gin (3)

‘&’ so it goes!

Ampersand Gin (9)

One for the Mister and one for me!

Ampersand Gin (1)

Are you game to set up your own gin tasting ‘&’ give Ampersand gin a try? We really think you should – after all, it is made with organic and local ingredients!

And don’t forget to visit Audrey Would! for your tasting barware needs. You will find a selection of roly poly glasses, a collection of trays, and yes, even a 6-set of the Czechoslovakian crystal martinis – they’re not listed, but they are in stock! If you want to go with copper for the tasting event, then you might prefer this vintage Coppercraft Guild roly poly ‘&’ serving tray bar set!


BAR-3079-SZ Coppercraft Guild Roly Poly & Tray Set (2)


Thanks for stopping by! Cheers 🙂

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!


10 thoughts on “A Little Vintage ‘&’ A Taste of Gin”

    • Yes Heather, we most definitely do! Victoria Gin is a really, really nice gin – very smooth with layers of flavour, and Ampersand is right up there along with it. They both are really worth the buy!!

  • Love love love gin!!! What a great tasting that would be!!! Although I prefer a Grey Goose martini (on the rocks with a twist of lime), my go-to happy hour bevvie is a cool gin & tonic! If I get the chance to try Ampersand over here in Ontario I definitely will!

    And Coppercraft? Wow take me back! My mother had a ‘thing’ for copper back in the day and we had quite a bit around the house! Funny enough I picked up that exact tumbler on a Value Village trip recently. I plan to use it for as a planter!

    • Your Grey Goose martini sounds refreshing, for sure! And Coppercraft – LOL – I remember my friend’s mom had her house full of it, but my Mom never really went down the copper road. My mom was more into the amber glass phase. When I found this Coppercraft bar set I also found a little planter in the exact same shape as the roly polies – it has a hanging chain and copper mounting bracket to hang it from the wall. It reminds me of a copper witches brew pot! 😉

    • Vancouver Island has so many hidden treasures like this local gin distillery, and there are others that I’m learning about. What a feat – I might have to taste-test them all! 😉

  • Wow, silly to say I guess but I didn’t realize anyone drank gin anymore!! lol I remember my dad loving it and I couldn’t stand the smell. Since I don’t drink at all, I’ll have to take your word for it!

    • I would have concurred at one time, but there are so many gins now that have a smooth flavour and different aromas. I’m not partial to the ones that burn that’s for sure!

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