A Royal Haeger Vase: Orange Peel Lava Glaze

A Royal Haeger Vase: Orange Peel Lava Glaze

I was given this vintage Royal Haeger vase by my Aunt, and have been trying to find a few details about it ever since.

You might remember seeing a glimpse of in my Thanksgiving vignette here

Well, what I’ve learned is it’s an ‘orange peel lava glazed’ vase, and is c. 1970s. The vintage of it makes sense since orange was definitely a favorite colour of the ’70s!

Another thing with Haeger pieces, is the signature felt bottom.

If you have a Haeger piece, it’s important this felt bottom is intact as a way to identify its authenticity. Apparently if you peel the felt back you will find the vessel number marked in the bottom of the piece. I’m not going to peel mine back to find out!

Haeger Potteries is a 4-generation company dating back to 1871. But it was originally founded by David Haeger as Dundee Brickyard in Dundee, Illinois USA. The history is quite interesting in that Dundee Brickyard was established on the heels of the great Chicago fire, and quickly began to mass produce the desperately needed bricks to help rebuild the city. In this way Dundee Brickyard was not only instrumental in the rebirth of the city, but truly in its recovery and healing from the trauma the historic fire left behind.

By 1900 Dundee Brickyard was making the transition from brickmakers to artisans… and ultimately to the Haeger Potteries that we know today. Click here to read the full history

Here’s a little glimpse of where I have my Haeger displayed.

It’s in our entry, and is a nice splash of colour when you step through the door. But this photo was taken on a day when the sun wasn’t shining…

So here’s a few I couldn’t resist taking yesterday, because the sun was actually shining, and casting these incredible shadows.

Kind of fun to see the play of light dancing across the wall… and I love how the vase looks a little bit like a Jack ‘O Lantern, even though we’re not even close to J’OL time yet!

What do you know about Haeger pottery? Do you have anything you can add to the history of my piece?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

5 thoughts on “A Royal Haeger Vase: Orange Peel Lava Glaze”

  • Sheila, I’m very impressed at how much information you found on a 70’s vase.
    You are amazing at finding so many details. I love how interesting your front entrance is now.

    Love Auntie Sharon

    • Hi Auntie Sharon! First, thank you so much for the vase 🙂 🙂 🙂 We love it, and it totally suits our home. It was great to find out a little more about it. I’m so glad you left a comment – you made my day!!! XOXO Sheila

  • What a lovely vase and with a great history. I think we used to have one because the felt bottom sounds familiar as with the look of the texture …. although if it only came in that lovely orange color we may not have had it. Everything my parents bought or their designers bought was avocado green. No joke. Congrats to Amy!!!

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