A Teen’s Collection of ‘Shopping’ Art

A Teen’s Collection of ‘Shopping’ Art

My post, ‘Turn Your Shopping into Art‘ generated some great feedback – thank you for your comments! This post is a reveal of what Kaleigh did with some of her shopping bags she’s collected over the years. She was inspired by the framing idea, but not sold on going all out with it.

First she started by going through her many saved bags, and weeded out her favorites.

These are the ones she picked. Can you tell Kaleigh likes Aritzia?

Here’s a little behind the scenes… Kaleigh is a thrifty shopper. She knows how to find a deal, and is ruthless about shopping the sale rack first. She refuses to pay full price for anything… except when it comes to Aritzia, one of her favorite stores. She loves their clothes, but knows their prices are ‘healthy’, especially for a teen, and sales are limited. So her tactic is to browse, make some selections and try them on. Then she puts her potentials on hold while she shops around some more, all the while weighing out how much she will wear the Aritzia item(s) vs. the cost, and how versatile each piece is. So Kaleigh’s Aritzia bags are her special purchases, and her collection of bags goes back over a few years… and I bet she could tell you what she brought home in each bag!

So that’s a bit of the story behind the project.

Next Kaleigh layed the bags out on the floor, but wasn’t sold on her layout.

I helped her shift a few things around…

To look something like this.

And then we had to see if this layout would fit on the wall.

Painters tape helped us rough out our basic area over the tub. Yes, the tub. The shopping theme has taken over her ensuite!

And then we discovered that the space we had to work with wouldn’t accommodate the draft layout…

…so we had to rework some of the bag placements.

We used these hooks as temporary place holders for each bag.

They were stuck to the wall with removable Command strips, so it made finding the spot for each bag a lot easier.

Oh, did I mention that in the end the bags will actually be hanging from cabinet knobs? At first we were thinking glass knobs… like I wrote about here. But we need 8, and our search so far has turned up empty. And then Kaleigh decided she wanted plain black knobs instead. Sooo much easier to find!

I was a little worried about the visual impact of the knob placement when accommodating the different sized bags. So we did a test run with just a few of the knobs.

We used small finishing nails and then just slipped the cabinet knob over the end of the nail. The fit was snug so no glue was needed. Since the bags are so light there was no reason for anything bigger, and it meant smaller holes in the wall!

Here’s what the knobs look like without the bags on them.

Kind of resembles a hand-less clock! But do you see what I meant about the visual impact? Without the bags this looks like a project gone wrong.

Before we could hang the bags ‘for real’, we had to iron them flat…

Making sure to protect them with an ironing cloth.

And then the folds of the bags had to be secured together so the bags would lay flatter against the wall.

Kaleigh didn’t want to wreck the bags, so scissors and glue were out.

Finally… we were ready to hang them all up!

This was the finished wall until we noticed the bag hanging at 1:00 – the girl is looking away from the grouping instead of towards it, and when you’re hanging art, that’s something to watch out for.

So we swapped this bag with the one on the lower left.

Now the grouping feels more balanced. And voilà, Kaleigh has her shopping bags out where she can enjoy them.

So the very cool thing about Aritzia bags is they feature work by different photographers on them. And that makes each new bag truly a work of art. If you look on the bottom of an Aritzia bag you will see this…

Or this…

Hats off to retailers who have moved towards reusable bags, which you can certainly do with these ones. But it’s the extra step Aritzia has taken with their bags that sets them apart. And of course, that makes a project like this possible. Did you notice the Aldo bag in this collection? Aldo has moved away from routinely using bags. They have designed their shoe boxes so the end has a carrying strap instead. But I think it would be a little harder to feature that on the wall!

If you’re not into displaying shopping bags, gift bags will work too. Have you received a great gift bag lately? I bet there’s a story to tell…

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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