A Thrifty Cake Stand… Just Wait and See!

I’ve been wanting a nice glass cake stand with a dome cover for a long time now, but haven’t really made the effort to actually find one… and of course kicked myself yet again as a result. You see it was my hubby’s birthday just before the weekend, and he’s a cake guy. No, I mean seriously. He’s a cake guy – he makes amazingly decadent cakes. I, on the other hand, do not. So I thought the least I could do is serve his chocolate truffle cake from Dolce Bakery on a lovely stand.


But it was not to be… at least not in time. And as a result this chocolate-rich delight was served as is.

So when we headed out this weekend thrifting and antique browsing, I had a cake stand on my mind.

This is one that got away… well, we actually opted out on it.


But only because I had my heart set on a dome covered cake stand, and this one just happened to be nearby.


Notice the doily? This one is crocheted… I wrote about doilies here.

So to cut to the chase… yup, we brought this beauty home! But we didn’t know anything about it at the time, other than we really liked it. Heavy, sturdy, and large enough. We’ve since learned this is the Monaco glass dome and cake stand by Anchor Hocking.

Here are a few photos I took once we got home.


It was so great to find some info. on this particular stand because we learned that it’s actually invertible.


Isn’t this cool? You flip the cake stand upside-down and the finial on the dome fits inside the hollow base of the stand. Now you have a trifle dish or a punch bowl! We also learned the cake plate itself is textured to prevent the cake from sliding around if you’re carrying it. Who knew? We didn’t, not when we made the purchase.

This is a close-up of the finial.


I love the way it absorbs the reflection of the tulips. Looks like they’re inside, almost like a glass paperweight.

The floral pattern cake plate under the stand is a vintage piece I was given years and years ago… eeek, maybe it’s an antique now :-0

At one time there was a matching server, but sadly it broke along the way.

So that was our day out for a little browsing. We both love this new addition, and I can’t wait for hubby to fill it 😉

What have you crossed off your wish list lately? Are you into cake stands too?

Thanks for stopping by!

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

16 Replies to “A Thrifty Cake Stand… Just Wait and See!”

  1. I’ve always wanted a cake stand… great find! I had to stare at the inverted dish a few times to figure out how it connected, then did the “heal of hand to forehead” thing when I finally did. Duh!! Hahaha!! Yes, it’s early in the morning and I should probably still be sleeping! Good thing I’m not operating heavy machinery! 😉

  2. I am! But I haven’t been fortunate enough to find something cool as this piece. Double-duty is awesome! What a great buy and a classic piece at that – you’ll be able to use this for years. I recently bought a cake stand from Target (I think) and I still love it – just doesn’t have a story. My hubby’s birthday is this weekend so I’ll be using the cake stand soon.

  3. Great find sheila! I have a cake stand with dome lid on my list too! I have a few other cake stands, as I used to be a Bakery manager so I make a lot of cakes. Yum. I love cake! My search for a reasonable priced one still goes.

    Glad you found what you were looking for!

  4. You must have been so excited to find! The pictures you took with the flowers are gorgeous! Great photos. Love where you can see the flowers in the little lid top. Great job Sheila!

    1. Thanks Bev! The hunting was actually pretty close… Whippletree Antiques is where I found this one. But I like to check out the Salvation Army Thrift Store – they often have treasures when it comes to glassware. Cramped quarters, but worth taking a look.

  5. I had one very similar but it was a cheap knock off that I bought at Crate & Barrel a few years ago. It fell to it’s demise while we were doing our bathroom renos. The guys were taking sledge hammers to the plaster on the other side and unfortunately our cake stand was on the other side of the same wall on a shelf …… well it got bumped off. I too have been looking to replace that cake stand. Mine did the whole flip punch bowl thing too. Fabulous find Sheila!

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