A Treasure Request… A Treasure Found!

One of the services I offer through Audrey Would! is treasure hunting by request. There is no guarantee that every request will be met with success, but you can be assured that I will scour and hunt, look in every nook and cranny to try and make your treasure wishes come true!

And that’s exactly what I did for one of my customers this weekend. I am thrilled to share that I was able to make one of the items on her wish list come true!

This is the treasure that has found a new home – a 1950’s Marinex chafing dish from Brazil.

Marinex Silver Plate Chafing Dish, Brazil

Marinex Silver Plate Chafing Dish, Brazil (3) 600w


You can see this piece is in excellent condition – and this was before I gave the stand a quick buff!

Marinex Silver Plate Chafing Dish, Brazil (2) 600w

When I found this piece it was without the glass tealight holder – you can see on the stand where it is supposed to sit. I am used to that with pieces like this one, and I always try to have a few extras on hand. Yes, this little chafing dish will arrive with the tealight holder and a fresh tealight intact!

In my quest I actually came up with two options, and will be featuring the other one at the Victoria Vintage Expo Sept. 26 & 27. One little hint, it’s not a chafing dish, but it is another stunning piece!

If you are wishing for a treasure or two, I hope to see you at the fair, and remember, I’m happy to treasure hunt for you, too!

 Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

13 Replies to “A Treasure Request… A Treasure Found!”

    1. I feel like it was meant to be! It was tucked on a very low shelf among a bunch of old, blackened baking pans, and wasn’t super easy to see. I think it was the sparkle that made me look twice – I kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye and bent down a little further, and that’s when I saw what it was!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Kelly! I love finding pieces and giving them a second chance, and it’s so much fun when they do find their way into a welcoming home. I also love what you do and your approach to redesign, and have seen some of your treasure hunting makeovers – I think your work is amazing!

    1. There is a very neat story behind this piece. The new owner is teaching a cooking class and table presentation is part of it, so this piece will be featured in a beautiful table setting for teaching others ‘how to’. I love knowing its new life will have such a broad reach!

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