A Young Perspective on Ottomans

A Young Perspective on Ottomans


They can multi-purpose as storage and end tables, coffee tables, and extra seating. Cover them in a great colour, texture, or pattern, and they can bring sudden visual interest to any room. And with pattern, if you want to see it in a new context, how about ottomans boasting their own nailhead patterns?

I decided to ask my 16-year old daughter Kaleigh for her input. I wanted feedback with younger people in mind, because as furniture, ottomans are generally small-space friendly, and are often a key piece in a first home… when one leaves home kind of first home. She chose her top 10, and I’m glad I asked! Did I mention keeping it real? She was very clear on what she liked and didn’t like… and some of her feedback came as a surprise.

So in order, here are Kaleigh’s picks starting with her favorite:

#1 – Raj Ottoman – 100% rayon velvet. The colour was referenced as pumpkin, but Kaleigh disagreed. She felt it was more peach than pumpkin. What do you think?


I was definitely surprised at this choice. She said she liked it because of the ‘spade’ shape of the nailhead pattern. It reminded her of ‘casino luxury’ and a deck of cards, and she likes the patterns used on playing cards… I think she’s just got caviar taste 😉

#2 – White Leather 6-sided Ottomans



Both ottomans were a hit, but the one on the left was Kaleigh’s favorite of the two. She said she really liked the pattern of that one because it reminded her of Abu Dhabi (she’s never been…do you know what movie she got that from?).

#3 – Greek Key all the way ‘Round!


Kaleigh loved the colour of this round tufted beauty, and she really liked the Greek Key pattern. Are we starting to see a pattern in the location of the nailhead patterns?

#4 -White Crocodile Leather Ottoman


With this one, Kaleigh liked the square shape and its base, and again she liked the Greek Key pattern. She just thought this one was nice in its simplicity and would look good in most spaces.

#5 -Round Burlap Ottoman with Aged Brass Nailheads


Kaleigh said she liked this one because it reminded her of Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, and just because it was natural.

#6 – Rafia Paris Side Table in Chartreuse


Okay, this one isn’t really an ottoman, but it is a side table that could multi-purpose as one. Kaleigh said she loves the colour of this piece, and the detailed pattern. I wasn’t sure she would like this colour, so again, learned something about the great taste of our youth.

#7 – Pink Leather Ottoman


I wasn’t sure how Kaleigh’s would feel about this one… I thought it was fun, but maybe heading in the younger girl direction. She said she loves the shape and colour, a lot. She did find the nailhead pattern a bit too busy, kind of cutsie, but overall it wasn’t over-the-top according to her, and she could see it in a down-town apartment!

#8 – Button-tufted Gold Velvet Ottoman


Straight up, Kaleigh didn’t like the colour at all! What she loved was the ‘old’ style and detail, and said she didn’t mind the design of the nailhead pattern. This one shocked me. I honestly thought it would be a goner!

#9 – Pico Lime Cube by Lee Industries


Kaleigh thought this cube was ‘alright’, a little nondescript, but she didn’t ‘mind it’. Did you notice the contrasting welt detail in light blue?

#10 -Purple Punch Ottoman with Nickel Nailhead


I’m surprised this one was at the end of the picks. If I had to guess, I would’ve had this one much closer to the top! It also comes in pink leather, and though Kaleigh likes pink, she really didn’t like this ottoman in pink. She said it reminded her of a pink pleather outfit she used to wear when she was about 5… loved it at the time! Just so you get the idea, here’s the pink one too!


And for fun, here’s the ottoman she really didn’t like. She had a strong reaction to the pattern on top… like, it reminded her of the ‘tacky spray tatoos you get at carnivals’ (her words)! Let’s just say, this one wasn’t for her.


Is it really that bad? I didn’t think it was, but apparently… it is!

And that’s why I weighed in with Kaleigh for this post. I can really see the practicality of ottomans, especially multi-purpose in design, in the homes of young people fresh on their own. So I was just curious about where the likes and dislikes fell for both the ottoman styles and the nailhead pattern trend. It’s such a great DIY opportunity to be creative and stylish at the same time.

I think it would be so much fun to work with a young person on their first space. The sky could quite possibly be the limit, even if the budget isn’t!

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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3 thoughts on “A Young Perspective on Ottomans”

  • For me #2 and #4 got the nicest details and the having it white seems to look classy alhtough red or black would still be nice, #6 color is mustard if im not mistaken which is one of the trending colors, and its fascinating since most designers are not into this types of colors. Having one would be unique.

    • Hi Marticia,
      I agree with you on the classy aspect, and absolutely, red or black would look just amazing in these styles… in fact, I would love to see one of them in red especially! And you are so right on the trending colour – I think we might be seeing more of it on the horizon.
      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving such a thoughtful reply.

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