Advent Calendar Day!

Advent Calendar Day!

Here we go. It’s December 1st. Are you ready for the ride?

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I can’t believe it’s December 1st already! And so that means today is the first day for advent calendars. Did you manage to put one up?

I got ours all filled and ready to go…

But when I went to hang it up I realized I didn’t know where it should go! This is the first year for us in this home, and I never really gave the calendar location much thought!

So I wandered around, and tried to envision the house fully decorated… because I’ve barely started!

Can you tell?

But it’s in the plans for this weekend 🙂

I tried to hang the calendar on our banister. It worked in our last home, but in this one, it just wasn’t right. I toyed with 6 other spots, but they all felt ho-hum. And with this home’s open floor plan, I just ran out of wall options!

So I decided to take a tip from Nancy of Marcus Design, and focus on our hallway. Have you read Nancy’s post, {10 ideas for your hallway}?

We have 2 pieces of artwork hanging in the entry hallway, and space for one more…

I’ve never topped the calendar with a bow before.

But somehow it needed something extra once it was up beside the art.

It’s true, pictures don’t lie! I didn’t even see those crinkles in the bow until now.

Anyway, this is our hallway gallery now.

See why I added the bow?

And since I was trying something new, I decided to have some fun with my family, and keep the calendar’s location a secret. I wanted to see if they would notice it… you know how it is, you can walk by something a hundred times, and not even see it!

I wanted to see if they could find it on their own… And they did!

I hope your December is off to a good start 🙂 I’m looking so forward to this weekend so I can roll up my sleeves and get this place whipped into shape!

Where do you place your advent calendar? Is it the same each year?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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13 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day!”

  • In the past I wouldn’t even have thought of pulling out all the decorations on December 1 but being a blogger has changed that!! I am going to be so organized this year. I’m glad your family was able to find their calender. It was to their advantage right;)

    • Being a blogger has definitely changed all that! I used to pull my things out around the 10th, other than the advent calendar. And now I’m feeling behind because we’re doing it this weekend, and it’s barely the 1st!

  • See, here comes a real designer through, first the bow, the calendar gets the look for an adult oriented household,( kids would rip it right down) secondly match a heritage handmade item with abstracts – it works

  • I love advent calendars! This year it seems I am away the first week of December so I would overload on chocolate when I got home. I think perhaps if we ever have kids, an advent calendar would be way fun. Every year we had one although it was the very simple store bought one made out of cardboard with chocolate inside. It was all I knew and I enjoyed every minute of it.

  • I have a calendar that needs to get hung ASAP! AAAKKK…it is coming at me to fast. I am with Carol, before blogging decorations came out around the 10th – trying to get organized over here, have to keep up with Carol now – sheesh.

  • We probably won’t do an advent calendar this year but most likely next year. I guess I could still get something this year and Sheila would still think it was fun. She’s really getting into the holiday spirit. You’re telling me about time – I was just looking at photos of my little one and thinking when did she get to be such a big girl!!! Enjoy your advent calendar – what do you hide for each day?

    • This year was chocolate in pretty wrappers again. I was going to do something really creative, but time closed in on me because I had the flu all last week. Writing my blog posts was pretty much it for me, so now I’m a week behind everything I had planned to do. But I think my family is secretly exhaling a sigh of relief, because they love their chocolate1

  • I LOVE advent calendars! Before I lived in Norway, I never even knew about them; after that, it was never forgotten. We’ve had so many different varieties, ones with candies, chocolates, and even ornaments. I love the bold bright red of your’s and the placement is fantastic! Adds such a pop of colour on the wall! The bow is enormous and a great addition…love it! This year I decided to make one…gulp. Actually it turned out pretty good, but I will be honest-was worried! I have it posted on my blog if you care to see it:) Thanks for sharing Sheila! xo

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