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Advent Calendars… It’s Almost Time!

Before I jump in, I would like to wish my friends across the border a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


Happy Thanksgiving!

And next there will be… Advent calendars.

Did you know it’s only 6 days away until December 1st? I know, time is flying by faster than the speed of Ruloph. Has anyone started counting down yet ? If not, I can help you out with that 😉 You only have one more day before the weekend, and this weekend is the last one before advent calendar time!

So here are 25 advent calendar ideas for you, just in case you are planning to tackle your calendar this weekend!

Advent Calendar 1 – Newspaper Cones


Advent Calendar 2 – Ornament A Day Board


Advent Calendar 3 – Assortment of Painted Jars


Advent Calendar 4 – Garland of Rusty Painted Pails


Advent Calendar 5 – Hand Tied Fabric Satchels


Advent Calendar 6 – Apothecary Jar of Delights


Advent Calendar 7 – Paper Tube Garland


Advent Calendar 8 – Sans Serif Pouches


Advent Calendar 9 – Salvaged Barn Board & Nails


Advent Calendar 10 – Crate of Beverages & Treats 😉


Advent Calendar 11 – Fabric Covered Clothes Pegs


Advent Calendar 12 – Little Black Pails for the kids… *Chalk Paint would be perfect for this!


Advent Calendar 13 – And larger Black Bottles for the Adults!


Advent Calendar 14 – Vintage Images on Little Brown Bags


Advent Calendar 15 – Decorated Recycled Tin Cans


Advent Calendar 16 – Wooden Spools with Treasure Hunt Clues


Advent Calendar 17 – Creative Messages & Things To Do


Advent Calendar 18 – Vintage Luggage Tags Clipped on a String


Advent Calendar 19 – Cheery Little Christmas Trees


Advent Calendar 20 – Mini Muffin Tin & Pretty Little Shutters


Advent Calendar 21 – Bouquet in a Tree


Advent Calendar 22 – Framed Chicken Wire & Clips


Advent Calendar 23 – Origami Snowmen Bags


Advent Calendar 24 – Paper Mache Boxes


And last, but not least, Advent Calendar 25… just because this Pocket Advent is ours!

It was given to Kaleigh when she was quite young, and we have used it ever since. Last year it was filled with Belgian chocolates that had the prettiest wrappers on them. Hmmm, what to fill it with this year?

If you are interested in tutorials for how to make any of these calendars, click on the source below the picture you like. Most had tutorials with their image, and for the ones without, I bet they would be easy to figure out!

Do you put up an advent calendar? What will yours be this year?

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  1. Totally want to do a cute / unusual advent calendar… but I always think of it too late, great timing.

    Love the origami snow men, might make four to a page they’d be so cute!

  2. What lovely ideas, Sheila! My twinnies have an Advent calendar similar to Kaleigh’s. Their godmother made it, and each pocket is filled with a tag. On the tag is a short note with a hint about the contents of a corresponding brown paper bag … with a little treat. I also bought them a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar, which should have them super excited!!

  3. Puts a different and welcome view on the Advent Calendar, thanks Sheila…..would like to do something for my granddaughter……

    • I loved all the creative ideas – and of course, want to try them all! And for you to be able to do something for your granddaughter is so special, because you get to help create the magic that will last a life-time for her…
      Awesome, Leigh!
      xo Sheila

  4. when are you too old for an advent calender, would love to make one for my Hubby 70-something? so many great ideas you have

  5. So many terrific advent calendar ideas, but you know Sheila… the apothecary jar version appeals to me the most. I think it’s because everything is contained (i.e., doesn’t need a large wall or table top), the numbers are mixed up (and you need to search out the date) and the matchstick-style boxes are cute (love that you slide open for your chocolate, and that you can save and use them again next year, etc.!) . I’d duplicate that one for sure!!

    • You know, I am really drawn to the apothecary jar too. And I think for the same reasons as you are. As everyone is now ‘older’ it’s fun to add a bit of challenge to the advent!

  6. Talk about creative ways! Wow…I love these! I especially like the rustic cones and… ahem…the wine? That’s the adult version of the advent calendar all the way!! Not sure I could drink all that wine that fast! Awesome post Sheila…thanks! xo

  7. I could not pick which is my favorite! I think it would be the Apothecary Jar of Delights. We have a advent calender we have used for years. The kids used to get so excited to move up each day closer to Christmas. Great post!

    • I’m with you – we have used the same advent calendar since Kaleigh was little, but I was really drawn to the apothecary jar too. I actually think it would be fun to try a few new ideas. I put chocolate in the pockets for both Kaleigh and my hubby, and this morning it was so funny listening to them heading for the calendar, and then negotiating about who got which chocolate in the pocket! It’s not the same excitement, but it’s definitely enthusiasm 🙂


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