Affordable, Colourful, Creative Mid-Century Modern

Affordable, Colourful, Creative Mid-Century Modern

I went searching for some affordable Mid-Century Modern and came across a little extra colourful twist.

It started with this MCM furniture clipart…

Source: Lushpad Blog

Isn’t it great? If you’re into Vector graphics, there are 4 different packages of furniture icons you can purchase for your own use.

And how about this Ali Douglass art print?

Source: Etsy

Can’t you just see this framed on a wall? Check out Ali’s Etsy shop for purchasing details, and for more of her work.

Do you consider chairs an accessory?

Source: Sunshine and Design

Bet you thought I meant ‘as in’ furniture pieces! But seriously, how cool are these necklaces? They are designed by Bruxe Design, and you can find more details and purchasing information over at Tiny Little Chairs.

Okay, I’ll be more traditional. How about chair pillows as an accessory?

Source: This Next

With these pillows, designed by Mike and Jennifer Tuttle, you can have a whole set of MCM chairs in your home! Visit This Next for more details and purchasing information.

Would you ever feature an Eames chair on your tabletop?

Source: Grass Roots Modern

I would if it looked like this! I think the set of four coasters is awesome, and would even hang them on my wall, too. Visit Medium Control Etsy Shop to see all four designs in the set, and for purchasing details.

If you’re more interested in wall art, you might prefer this wooden wall tile instead.

Source: Etsy

Here you see Saarinen’s tulip chair, but if you would like a different MCM chair or just want to purchase what you see, contact The Bees Knees Designs and they’ll make it happen for you.

Wondering what other MCM chairs there might be? Maybe this alphabet of design classics will help you out.

If you know the designer, it’ll be easier to name the chair! Visit Blue Art Studio for more incredible prints and for purchasing information.

Or you can opt for this alphabet print by Jen Renninger instead.

Source: Etsy

Notice, there are some different chairs in this one? Purchasing information and details, here.

But I in the end totally fell in love with this one by Jen.

Source: Etsy

What’s not to love about this print, the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair Rocker? For purchasing information on this print, click here. To see more of Jen’s work, visit here.

So you see, the options for owning a fab MCM piece are endless. It just depends on how you see it! Is there anything here that works for you? I hope you enjoyed this retail therapy with a twist 😉

It’s about coming home… and home is a remarkable space that tells your story. Contact me if you need a little help!



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