An Artistic TV Stand

An Artistic TV Stand

TVs… too often in the line of sight, and never my first choice. Yet they are a fixture in most homes. And ours is no different.

This is the stand-in TV console we’re using right now.

Loving it? Nope, not at all! Flattering? Let’s just say it’s been around for awhile, but it’s never been the dream piece. And in this shot it’s even worse because the room was just pulled together to function in the midst of unpacking and organizing other rooms. And even though it’s since been put into place a little better, some TV ‘consolation’ is definitely a must!

So when I read this blog post by Vicente Wolf, I was inspired by his creative solution to repurpose artist easels like this…


Into TV stands like this…


My thought, if you can’t hide the TV away, then why not display it in an artistic and funky way?

This particular TV easel is from Restoration Hardware, and it’s way, WAY too big for our TV, not to mention would be way out of our budget for a TV option anyway! But I think it’s very cool.

So we’ve been doing some sleuthing to see if we can come up with an easel that’s smaller in scale to fit our TV, and a little more budget friendly.

And this is what we found…


It’s a much smaller, more delicate easel than the Restoration Hardware easel… the maximum size canvas this one holds is the minimum recommended TV size for Restoration Hardware’s option! And our TV isn’t even close to that!

So we have ordered this easel and plan to repurpose it into a TV easel. We’ll know when it arrives just how much will have to be done so it can safely hold our TV. One thing we do know is that it’ll definitely be painted out in a darker colour…


UPDATE: Β To see how this DIY project turned out, click here!


17 thoughts on “An Artistic TV Stand”

  • Hi Sheila,

    I read the VW blog awhile ago and thought that the re-purposed easel was just brilliant. ( stored the photos for our next move..).. Really looking forward to reading about and seeing your results. Thank you for all your inspiring posts.


    • Hi Jeannine!
      Thank you so much for your comment. As soon as I saw this idea I was struck by it and couldn’t seem to lose it… we’re hoping the modifications will be easy to make and that we get the same end result with a smaller scale stand and TV…

  • Good Luck. The original design, and others for less money than Restoration Hardware that I have researched online including one out of Canada, keep the TV upright. This little job you ordered is slanted. Depending on the size and weight of your TV this may also be an issue in what can be supported. The Candadian company added a metal bracket to the back of the stand to screw into the back of the TV – where the wall mount would attach to really secure the TV to the stand. I am taking the design from Restoration and Rekva to a local Amish furniture maker to see what they can do and at what price.

  • Nice option! However, if you are trying to accommodate a 60 inch t.v. like we are the R.H. fits the bill! Worth every penny. It’s the main focal point as you walk into our chalet & we purchased it at the R.H. outlet for 700. We love it!!!

    • Cool. Denise, did you do any ad hoc mounting of your TV to the Restoration Hardware easel? It seems like if it’s just pressure from the top and bottom of the easel holding the TV in, it could easily get knocked out if you weren’t careful. Would you want to attach it somehow, using wires or something else? I’m thinking of getting myself one, too, but am concerned the TV might fall down.

  • Jason,

    Good point! Very wide stand base, pretty sung fit, however, my hubby tilted the t.v. slightly back. Looks & works πŸ™‚

  • Hey. I am researching the same thing and read every word to get to the bottom and had a serious anticlimactic letdown. LOL.
    What happened? How did it work out?

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