And Our Garden Continues to Grow!

And Our Garden Continues to Grow!

Remember when I posted about the Heather our neighbour gave us? Here’s a little flashback in case you missed it. The yellow circles are where we planted them back in June.

And, here’s a look at them now!

They all survived! You can’t see the fifth one in the top, right corner, but it’s the same colour as the one in the foreground, and is also in full bloom

Here’s a close-up of my favorite one.

I love the colour!

But this is only the half of it. You see, this same neighbour has decided to dig up more plants, and pass them on to us!

Here the bins are filled with what he gave us, as well as a huge lily that was planted before this photo.

If you look at the spot circled below, we learned from all the watering over the summer, that it doesn’t drain at all. So this area turned into a thick mud bog.

I couldn’t stay on top of the weeds, and wasn’t sure what to do with this spot.

With the gift of more plants I decided to build another garden bed. Why not let the plants help with that excess water, right?

I moved Black-Eyed Susans to the new bed from the one on the left, and was able to add two mounds of our neighbour’s Dianthus in their place. Now that whole bed is filled with Dianthus.

For the rest of the water-logged area, sand was spread and then topped with fresh bark mulch.

But I made a mistake, and picked up black mulch instead of brown. I thought I could live with it, but I can’t! I’m going to mix some brown with the black for a more even blend, and spread it around further.

Our neighbour also gave us some Primula, which are planted along the same side as the Heather.

The Lily of the Valley border came from my Dad’s yard last year, and he’s planning to split some of his other plants up again this year. And… they’re destined for our yard!

The yard is slowly starting to fill in, and what’s so awesome, is most of the plants have been given to us!

Quite a few have come from hub’s parents as well, including all of these grasses that you see scattered throughout.

It’s a win-win!

Here’s my favorite part…

Now, I know you’ve seen this ‘Before’ photo many times.


But in order to appreciate the progress, it’s great to see what it looked like when we first moved in.

And compare that to what it looks like now!


I find it so rewarding to see the yard come together.

On the note of rewarding, do you remember the sweet pea challenge I was having with my Dad? Well, stay tuned. I’ll be back with how that went!


Photography: Sheila Zeller

11 thoughts on “And Our Garden Continues to Grow!”

  • Oh my gosh everything looks gorgeous! Isn’t it so cool to have spring pictures, then fall pictures and see just how much everything grew and changed in so short a time? We see the plants every day, but the visual is what is always stunning.

  • I always insist on “ a garden makes a home” it is a struggle but nature will help and decides what will grow “ It is a great feeling to see thing develop.

  • Your garden has come a long way! And it’s so great that you have family and neighbours willing to donate to the cause 🙂 I gave up n my sweet peas a while back – the few plants that sprouted looked kind of weak, and it was so dry this summer and I got tired of watering them every day and not getting results. Maybe I’ll try them again next year, but I won’t plant the seeds in a plastic planter!

  • Wow, I’m super jealous. We spent a fortune on stupid shrubs this spring and it looks like they have shrunk instead of grown. The summers are sooooo hot here so I’m hoping that’s the problem:( Love the colour of your garden.

  • Wow, Sheila!! Being a newish reader to your blog I hadn’t seen the before or the photos from early this summer, you’ve come such a long way in no time! How fortunate that your neighbors are so kind, I be they’re a wealth of info, too! It’s beautiful – enjoy working there this fall!

    • Thank you so much, Pam! Our neighbours are really great – we don’t see a lot of them, but when we do, you are so right. They are helpful and kind, and it’s so nice to have them as neighbours. 🙂

  • It really looks great Sheila! Especilly for the price. 🙂 The best i that they will just get bigger and fuller every year. I love gardening and making the outside beautiful too!!

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