And The New Black Is…

And The New Black Is…

We’ve all heard this before…

[Blank] is the new black.

And I bet you can fill in the blank.

Well, here’s the thing. The other day a mystery envelope was left on our porch. I recognized the sender’s name (thank you so much, Alicia), but had no clue what might be inside.

I was so curious.

When I opened it, these fell out!

How cool are they? Don’t they just make you smile?

My hubs is a social media guy, so the top pencil was for him. Skill testing question: Which SM platform does this apply to?

The other two were pour moi! ๐Ÿ™‚ By now I’m pretty sure you know this about me: I’m good with old black, new black… any kind of black, but to see D.I.Y. and Upcycling coined the ‘New Black’, well what’s not to love about that?

Can I just say,

Hello Audrey…

Bead Designs by K

Hello Jackie…

Oh No They Didn’t Live Journal

Mind if we join you?

Do you know what the difference is between and Upcycling?

D.I.Y. stands for ‘Do It Yourself’,ย and it literally means toย build, modify or repair something without the help of experts or professionals. Did you know the phrase,”do it yourself” became common in the 1950s? I know, right! I thought it was newer than that! See, what’s old is new again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Upcycling is all about finding a new purpose for things instead of throwing them out. And usually this means you will be whatever it is you’re upcycling, but not always. You can also hire someone to do the upcycling for you!

But did you know that upcycling, though a form of recycling, is in fact a greener way of recycling? That’s right, they are actually different, because recycling requires energy and resources to collect, sort and process unwanted items and waste in order to turn them into something useable in the future. Upcycling does not.

The ottoman below is an example of an upcycled project that was D.I.Y.ed. What do you think it was made from?

That Was A What Blog

Would you believe me if I told you there’s a tire inside that forms the shape? And the feet are repurposed from another piece of furniture?

Just in case you’re wondering about the value of D.I.Y. projects, especially ones that are upcycled… well, when I pinned this ottoman to my Pinterest board just 5 days ago, I was able to read all the ‘how to’ steps, you know, in case I want to make my own. Today when I put this article together I discovered this ottoman has been trademarked the ‘Ottire’, and will be hitting the market soon! And I bet you’ve already guessed, the ‘how to’ steps have been removed! This is such a great story, and the perfect example of finding value in upcycling through the power of

To see some examples of how recycled tires have been put to use, I featured a few things here.

So, you heard it here, D.I.Y. and Upcycling are the new black!

Did I mention how much I love black? And how about you? Do you love black, too???


PS – did you get the answer to the skill testing question? If you said, Twitter, you’re right!

Photos by Sheila Zeller unless otherwise indicated.ย 

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