Antique and Vintage Purple Glass

Antique and Vintage Purple Glass

The colour purple.

It’s not  a new phenomenon – it’s been around in regal form for centuries. No, the phenomenon is that the colour purple just keeps on going, and it’s here to stay.

And so I thought I’d share some antique and vintage purple glass pieces with you. If you have any purple glass tucked away, now is the time to bring it back out into the open. Because not only is purple on the scene, but so is vintage, retro, and anything Mid-Century Modern.

This is an antique amethyst crystal vase, c. 1800s.


Isn’t the detail incredible?

I can picture it in a room like this…


I think it’s shape suits the tufted tuxedo sofa, and the legs of the ottoman.

I fell in love with this next piece, an antique Gorham sterling and amethyst glass ‘Bon Bon’ dish.


I don’t know about using it for bon bons, but I can certainly see it as a feature piece!

Like maybe on a sideboard like this!


What do you think of the knobs on this piece?

Do any of you remember hand blown Murano art glass? This heavy amethyst glass dish,  c. 1970, is thought to be a Murano piece.


I am totally smitten with this piece. I love the shape of it.

And I think it would work well in a room like this.


Can you picture this exquisite dish in this room, too?

As many of you already know, I’m very much inspired by Mid-Century Modern. And these purple glass MCM bottles are just one example of why.


I really like the clean lines of each vessel.

I think this room could easily incorporate them into its decor.


I think they would work really well with the chrome pendant, and would pop if they were placed on the marble top console you see just off to the left…

Maybe a whole collection in a mix of coloured glass like these would be the way to go!


Purple is still the predominant colour, but this mix is a great example of the colour mix you’ll see coming in 2012!

Have you heard of Loetz art glass? It became popular in the 1880s and was produced up until the 1940s.


This vase is considered an unusual antique, but a fine example of Loetz glass, and is valued at $375 US.

I can definitely see this vase in the room below.


I think the applied face in the vase kind of works with the medallion pattern of the area rug.

I’d like to see these next three pieces paired together in a vignette…

This antique amethyst glass honey pot,


This Klondike patterned candy dish,


And this Argentine made vintage seltzer bottle, c. 1930…



If they could be displayed together, maybe on a silver leaf tray or a piece of reclaimed live edge wood, I think they would make a great showcase in this room.


Don’t you think these  pieces would add extra flair to this space?

It’s easy for me to go crazy sharing vintage and antique purple glass pieces with you, because I really, really like purple, and I love purple glass!

But I’ll stop now 😉

Do you have any purple glass? Is it out on display, or tucked away in a place for safe keeping?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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17 thoughts on “Antique and Vintage Purple Glass”

  • Great purple pieces and gorgeous rooms! I have a giant amethyst brandy snifter. (At least that’s the shape of it. You’d probably get pretty sloshed if you drank brandy out of it though, lol.) I use it for floral arrangements.

  • When I saw your post title for today I got excited and your post did not disappoint. I kept thinking one was my favorite but then they kept getting better. If I had to choose I really love the bon-bon holder and the Loetz piece. I’m thinking back and I think Martha Stewart had a piece a few months back on purple decorative items and there were beautiful pieces of purple glass. Now I’m going to have to research when I get home. I don’t have any purple pieces but now I’ll be on the hunt for one.

    • Hi Holly!
      If I had to pick, I think the bon-bon holder is my favorite. But I’m with you, they’re all pretty awesome!
      I’m keeping my eyes open these days as well. It never hurts to add a little purple to a space 🙂

  • You know I did a “purple” post just a few days ago. So nice to see something besides turquoise! Anyway, I have some amethyst wine glasses I got from my brother about 10 years ago and I still love them – so unexpected!

    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you for stopping by, and for your comment 🙂
      I just popped over and read your post! I’m with you – I LOVE purple! I’ve only ever had 2 wine glasses in amethyst glass, and sadly they both got broken… I was devastated because I really, really liked them. You are lucky to have yours… my china has a very light mauve band in it, so amethyst glass is definitely a direction I could go in for accent pieces…

  • Wowza, these pieces are stunning and so are the rooms. I have a huge soft spot for blown glass and I adore purple so this post is a hit with me. I have an antique medicine bottle in purple. It’s so cool but I have never quite been able to find a perfect way to display it. Maybe now that purple is hot I’ll find some pieces to go with it.

  • Hey Sheila, I was recently told that purple will be the next “it” color for the “boomer/zoomer” age group. I was fascinated by glass even as a child, and loved a Murano glass dish that my mother proudly displayed. I love the Murano dish in your post.

  • Hi there…I just discovered your site and LOVED my first view…I am so blessed to have multiple vintage purple glass pieces because it was left to me by my Darling Dad…he collected these Treasures during the 60s when he discovered the pieces in thrift stores etc. I DO HAVE them on display and I LOVE THEM…I will send photos because they are displayed with my gorgeous Sweet Violets china pattern (on our dinning room table )which I was given piece by piece in the late 60’s by my family. Even though I have a beautiful china cabinet I wanted to display them both and was so encouraged by having your ok to do so….
    Thanks again for confirming my LOVES….Joannee

    • Hi Joannee!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving such a great comment. I really appreciate it! I am so happy to hear that you not only have a collection of purple glass, but I can tell how much you love it. And what warms my heart is how you honor your collection by displaying it with so much pride – I picked that up just by the way you wrote! I would LOVE to see some pictures. Please don’t hesitate to send a few to me.
      Thank you again. I’m so glad you discovered my site. I hope I can write more pieces that resonate with you!

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