Antiqued Mirrors: A Now WOW

Antiqued Mirrors: A Now WOW

With décor trending to a more relaxed look and feel, one of the things you will notice showing up in various forms is antiqued mirror. Why? Well, because everything old is new again, so hang onto that distressed mirror until you have seen these images…

You might recognize this collection of mirrors from Anthropologie, which comes as one unit, but what I wanted to mention is how you can definitely put a look like this together yourself from 2nd-hand finds.


I think in this setting the antiqued mirrors are a better fit for the vintage feel than perhaps a shiny new mirror or vignette of mirrors bouncing crystal clear reflections.

In this next image, there’s just something about the full-length antiqued mirror that draws you in.


The reflection of the images are soft and subtle… perfect for a bedroom, don’t you think? And I love how the gray Ikat pillow works so well with the grays in this mirror.

I think this full sheet of antiqued mirror propped against the wall is a perfect substitue for a non-existent window.


It makes the space feel larger and reflects the light coming in from the actual window. I have to say, I would find it more comfortable to work at this desk than if the reflective quality of the mirror was crisp and clear!

How about antiqued tiles for a backspslash? What a great idea for the kitchen.


They add that ‘heart of the home’ charm without creating a make-work cleaning project. The tiles are easy to clean, and won’t show streaks and smudges the way regular mirror would.

In this bathroom I like that the mirrored tiles are framed into one large mirror, and presented as a feature backdrop behind the free-standing tub.


The antiquing in the mirror compliments the bathroom perfectly, although for myself I think I would prefer mirrors that are slightly more antiqued than these ones are…

I can picture this next mirror in a bathroom like the one above, or even in another area of the home. It’s got such pretty details that it would look good just about anywhere…


This mirror reminds me of the mirror John and Sherry (Young House Love ) put over the window in their ensuite. What do you think?

Did you know that you can create the look of an antiqued mirror yourself? If you like DIY projects, this undertaking might be for you. All you need is Antique Mirror Patina Solution, a mirror, and the space to do the work in. If you go to the link there are step-by-step instructions, and also recommendations for the best type of mirror to use, as well as ones to avoid. I haven’t tried this yet, but am tempted, maybe once the weather improves and I can work outside. I also came across step-by-step instructions by Sarah from A Little of This, A Little of That for another antiquing method. Since I haven’t tried either one, I’m including both so you can decide which one to use, or you might even have your own method that you would like to share.

There are so many ways you can be creative, so many great ideas to embrace…

I saved this Ethan Allen rosette mirror for last because I think it really shows the simple beauty that an antiqued mirror can bring to a room…


And as Candice Olson says, “You can never go wrong with mirrors – they reflect everything!”

In this case, you can never go wrong with a great mirror!

What are your thoughts… is an antiqued mirror for you?

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