Antiques and You

Antiques and You

I was asked a great question by a friend the other day. She wondered how I felt about painting out antiques. I don’t know about you, but I knew my answer right away –  I am a lover of antiques, but not an antique collector.

I am not opposed to altering antiques in the form of refinishing, repurposing or re-anything to make them work for me. With that said, I do value the integrity of an antique so what I would always ask myself first is, where do I place my value in this antique? Is it for its ‘appraised’ value, or purely for its style and flair? If it’s a piece I’ve inherited, what is my emotional investment in the piece, and in its history? What is my motivation for altering the piece in the end?

I am invested in enjoying the pieces in my home for what they bring to my home, what they mean to me, and how they tell my story. So if that means giving an antique a new look, I am all for it. If inheriting a piece means it’s something I have to ‘live’ with because altering it will offend others, then I believe it’s better that the piece be passed on to someone else.

Your home is a collection of memories, and it’s in the objects of your home where the stories are told. So if you paint out an antique, or if you opt to leave it intact, that choice becomes yet another part of your story…

How do you feel about altering antiques? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

If you have one or two photographs you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to post them along with your comments about the piece – why you would or wouldn’t alter it. Please email your photos and comments to me at:

If you’d like a basic overview on how value is placed on an antique click here.

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