Artwork Placement: It’s All In The Tweak!

Artwork Placement: It’s All In The Tweak!

Artwork. It’s usually hung too high!

Source: Apartment Therapy

And just a little tweak can make a big difference…

I did not style the space below, and changing it up was not why I was there. I was specifically asked for advice on the placement of the large piece of artwork you see above the love seat.

What would your suggestion be?

I made my recommendation, and after I left the move was made!

This is the after photo the owner sent to me.

See what I mean about the impact of a little tweak? Now the artwork connects more deliberately with the love seat, and the space feels more unified and cozy.

Typically artwork is hung too high, and often it is centered on the wall, rather than over the furniture below it. The result is a scattered feeling, leaving your eye with no place to go… which really means, no place to rest and ultimately, enjoy the art!

Do you notice how the new placement also demands more attention than the TV? That’s because the love seat and artwork presented together as a unit, or focal point, outweigh the visual weight of the TV. And the larger bare space left on the wall breaks up the grouping from the TV. Before, the artwork was leading your eye right to the TV!

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