Benjamin Moore & Our After Aura Glow!

Benjamin Moore & Our After Aura Glow!

Yesterday my blogging friend Carol from The Design Pages wrote a great article on her experience with Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint. You need to check it out here!

Carol mentioned her walls had already been primed so said she couldn’t speak to the self-priming feature of Aura.

And with that in mind I thought I’d give you a little inside glimpse of my experience with it.

A few years ago we used Aura in 2 different colours…

Killarney (CC-698)

Tapenade (CC-694)


Both in an eggshell finish, and both over some seriously intense colours (inherited with the rental home). We opted for Aura because of the self-priming feature, and because of the low odor, low VOCs, etc. Who really knew how many coats it was going to take, right?

Here is the the stairwell before painting.

This colour just wasn’t working for me, especially with the mustard trim as an added feature!

Here is the stairwell after painting, no priming.

Killarney on top, and Tapenade below. One coat. We had professional painters do this work, so who knows, if we were painting it might have taken us 2 coats!

Pretty incredible isn’t it? And it wore like a dream. The stairwell looked as good when we left, as it did when it was first painted, and we were there for 3 years. Oh, BTW, the artwork in the stairwell is another piece by Ursula Rettich from Sea to Canvas. It’s one of my favorites, but I think it really adds to the transformation of this stairwell too!

Here are a few more Aura covered spaces in this same house…

Stairwell landing – Before:

Stairwell landing – After:

Master Bedroom – Before:

Master Bedroom – After:

All with Aura, no primer, one coat, painted by professionals.

Here’s a look at another room we painted later with left-over Killarnery, and this time we did our own painting.

Before…  note the wallpaper.

We had to strip all that off, and let me tell you, it was very seriously glued on! We used Zinsser’s wall paper remover, and it worked really well for us, but there were still some areas that needed scraping and extra elbow grease. Thankfully under the wallpaper the walls were white!

Here’s some mid-action proof that we didn’t prime before painting. The white wall is where the wallpaper was.

And even with us being novice painters, still just one coat.

Here’s the after.

Baseboards still needed to be put back on and we had to fix up along the ceiling line a bit. But you can see from these photos that our experience with Aura was awesome. And after 3 years, we were still extremely happy with it.

Don’t forget to read Carol’s post if you haven’t already. She says it’s her unsolicited 2 cents worth, but honestly, why wouldn’t you want to hear what a pro thinks? It could save you time and money in the long run!

Have you used Aura? Any painting tips to share?

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15 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore & Our After Aura Glow!”

  • What a transformation!. I have used Aura for walls and furniture and don’t like it’s durability though. I know I prepped well, because other pieces I have painted with another brand aren’t chipping and wearing like Aura. It is horrible in the bathroom, marks and stains show up! A little disappointed. But I love how it is low VOC and there is no odour!

    • Wow, Barbara – you definitely haven’t had a good experience with Aura, and I know you’re no stranger when it comes to prepping and painting. I haven’t tried it in a bathroom or on furniture, so will totally take note of what you’ve had to say. I feel so bad for you, because I know how much work it is to tackle these projects… and then when the results are disappointing it’s just deflating, especially when you’ve paid the price for this particular paint. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Aura – I’d be curious to know what Benjamin Moore says about it…

  • I have had a great experience with Aura! My walls are holding up great, and I know that with little boys running around, our hands aren’t always perfectly clean. 😉 So surprised to hear about Barbara’s experience. Hmmmm …. I haven’t used it in a bathroom ….

    • Thanks for your feedback, Traci! It’s great to hear how Aura is working for others… I haven’t tried it in a bathroom either, so can only go on how Aura stood up for us in the areas we did paint with it… When we washed our walls down we found the paint withstood the wipe-down very well, but maybe that’s because they weren’t exposed to moisture on a daily basis… I’m so curious now.

  • Okay, I know this is a post about Aura but I have to say “OMG” to the transformation of that staircase and bedroom. The colours make it look like a completely different house. The former owners were a little wild, and not in a good way!! I initially balked at the price tag of $75/gallon but with no primer and only one coat it’s actually no more expensive than having BM colour produced somewhere else AND it’s less work. I’m a huge fan! Thanks for all your nice words Sheila. That is a great way to start my day xo

    • Thank you, Carol! I wasn’t kidding when I said Joseph’s coat, eh?!
      I’ve been wanting to write something about the painting transformation for a while now, but never really had the segue in to it, so I seriously want to let you know how much I appreciate your post. It just makes the whole Aura piece make sense, and gives our readers some well-rounded feedback to make up their own mind.
      I hope you have a great day! Your posts always make me smile 🙂

    • You are so right… no matter how you get there, what kind of paint you use in the process, in the end it’s the colour that makes the impact!
      And doesn’t your artwork look amazing in the stairwell? We have now put that piece up here, on the angled wall between the kitchen and the dining room. I like it there because I can see it from the couch, or when I’m puttering in the kitchen… Love that piece so much!
      xo Sheila

  • Wow, this is good info to have and I appreciate reading people’s experiences with Aura. I have not yet used it myself. And boy, Sheila your home was so colorful before you got your hands on it hey? It looks SOOO good now. Love what you chose 🙂
    Nancy xo

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