Basement Storage

Basement Storage

Did you know that storage needs air flow? It’s really great to have abundant storage space, but if there’s no air flow the things you store will start to smell musty and stale.

The basement of the house we are moving to is huge, and maximizing its space is what we’re all about!

This is exactly what the basement looked like before we started to move things in.

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Right away I knew those cans of paint, the cardboard and the carpet pieces had to go!

And my mind kicked into shelving mode.

So once again Dad, my project partner and I teamed up to create function out of excess space. This is what we did for the shelving backing board while also considering air flow.

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We installed garden lattice made out of pvc material. The white is bright and finished looking, the pvc is plenty strong enough for the backing, and the open lattice will allow the air to flow easily.

Did you notice under the stairs? The paint cans are gone!

Next we put up adjustable shelving.

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Since we were reusing our existing shelving, these boards were only 6′ long, so we had to add another 2′ section to each shelf.

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If you look closely under the top shelf on the right you’ll see a small piece of wood joining the two shelves together. Each run of shelves on this side were secured together with the butterfly bandaid approach! The shelving on the left is all new, so it’s in 8′ lengths. These shelves are 16″ deep and the right are 12″ deep. If we weren’t reusing existing shelving, I would have had all the shelves at least 16″ deep.

Did you notice the frames on the floor under the right-hand shelving? Dad built these for our boxes to sit on that go on the floor. You should always lift cardboard boxes off the floor just a little because otherwise the cardboard may draw moisture out of the concrete. This will leave the box slightly damp, even in the driest of basements (this basement is bone dry), and the cardboard will also take on a bit of an odour. Guess what happens next? The smell penetrates what’s actually in the box. Who wants that?

Here’s my project partner! Do you remember him from some of my other projects?

SZInteriors Photo

Every time I work with Dad I learn something new. He’s a great mentor, and this time I learned that I need to keep my drill bits with my drill, not in my tool box back at the other house! Luckily Dad brought along his own drill (he knows me so well!), and was able to keep the project moving forward!

So that’s a little glimpse into the beginnings of our move-in organizing. And yes, I have stuff on the shelves already! 🙂

Do you have a basement? What have you done to maximize its space for extra storage?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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