Beyond A Bathroom

Beyond A Bathroom

Monday Musing!

When I saw this bathroom I couldn’t resist posting about it, because as my eye moved through the space I was drawn to the design elements and how they connected together in a very fun way. Here’s my take on the interconnections of this space.


First there’s the artwork, just a little teaser for the story about to unfold… I love how this piece draws you in through its colour and emotion. It feels very light-hearted and alive. Can you see the dancer-like image swirling ’round as if kicking up in a joyous celebration? Doesn’t this feel like it could be in a far-off land somewhere? Now as your eye moves to the sink area notice how all the fixtures combined…sink, faucet, mirror, floating shelves… look like a ship sailing on a sea of green…the glass flat of the counter surface. Did you notice how the shape of the mirror resembles a sail? Even the plants are strategically selected and placed. I think they look like mini palm trees on the shores of the lands near and far…

And how about the tub? In keeping with the evolving theme, I can see its shape resembling that of a deep skiff. Oooo, can’t you just imagine sinking into a deep sea of bubbles in this bathtub? If you look through and beyond to the the towel cabinet, do you see how the shelving is shaped like the seats of a skiff? Can you visually connect the shelving and tub to see a skiff? And have you wondered about the shower, how it fits in with this theme? Take another look, and envision it as a continent far, far away… a land yet to be discovered?

This is where I think the deliberateness of the design is so successful. As you take in each element, and connect one to another, what you end up with is a theme that tells a story. I think this story speaks to the age of exploration, the discovering of new lands, as common soil  is left behind.

To me, a perfect metaphore for the evolving world of design in the eco era of living green…

What are your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Beyond A Bathroom”

  • This is very unique! I like some things and other I find a bit to crazy. The green “platform” where the tub stand is too different for me. I like it because it get my attention for its uniqueness, BUT I don’t think I’d have it at home. That bath is amazing!!! I haven’t seen that and I am really impressed. Now… that can be a really sexy bath, don’t you think? Yeah, that will depend who’s inside of it! lol

    Great, great find, Sheila! I love how different it it.

    Have a wonderful Spring!


    Luciane at

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