Bistro Chairs Beachside!

The sun is shining today, so a postponed appointment from Monday has been re-scheduled for this afternoon. It’ll all make sense soon, but for now I’m just so happy to see the sunshine 🙂

So with high hopes and longing for more of that bright yellow stuff, I’ll leave you with these Andros bistro chairs from Pottery Barn…

I just love them in this setting.

Fun, right?

Colourful Metal Bistro Chairs


Pottery Barn via This Next

Are you ready for a little al fresco at the beach?

I know I sure am!

I hope your day is going well 🙂 As long as the sun keeps shining, mine is full of smiles… and soon you’ll know what today’s appointment was all about!



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10 Replies to “Bistro Chairs Beachside!”

  1. I SOOOOO need the sun. I’m sure you already know that. If something doesn’t give soon I might just take one of those chairs down to the beach and sit in the rain. 🙂 haha

  2. We’ve had such a beautiful week of weather – it’s really quite perfect. High 70s and low 80s – no humidity. Perfect! I can’t believe I haven’t seen those chairs – I love them! And I can’t wait to hear about your appointment!!?? And I’ve been meaning to email you about Page 78 of Ken Fulk’s home in House Beautiful this month. Do you see that wicker Cherner inspired chair??!! I’ve been fixated on many things in this issue but that one in particular. Have a great weekend Sheila!

  3. I’m ALWAYS ready for a little al fresco at the beach! If I lived near the ocean, I’d be at the beach all day, every day, all summer long. Yes, I’d quit my job just so I could do that 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and looking forward to hearing more about your mystery appointment 🙂

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