Blogging Just Keeps on Giving!

Blogging Just Keeps on Giving!

From everything I’ve been reading, I know I’m not alone when I say I’m feeling so grateful and lucky for the good things that came my way in 2011. Who knew the life of a blogger could be so rich and rewarding? And I mean that in the soul sense, but there’s a lot of good luck and timing that wove its way through, too.

Like connecting with the amazing group of bloggers, Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West.

This group is dynamic and full of talented, ambitious personalities. All you have to do is read the blogs of our DLBwest members to know I’m not kidding! Do you remember the idsWEST weekend I wrote about here, and my interview with designer Kelly Deck, here? Well these opportunities wouldn’t have been possible, this fusion of social media and design…

…without the hard work of our incredible DLBwest organizers, Victoria Lambert, Nancy Marcus, Barbara Marek-Matson, and Karla Adamatsuread more here.

And if not for blogging, I would not have even known about, let alone entered, the fabulous giveaways hosted by fellow bloggers and gifted creatives alike. Which means I would not have been the lucky winner of the giveaways I wrote about here and here. And seriously, there were a ton of jaw-dropping giveaways!

If not for the amazing world of blogging I might not have been as informed about these design books that found their way onto my wish list…





And are now scratched off because my awesome hubby put them under the tree! Well, he put the first 2 under the tree, and gave me a gift card to Chapters for the last one because he wasn’t sure if I seriously wanted all 3!!! And I know I’m not the only one who got to add a few of these books to the coffee table collection!

Blogging has given me so many tips and a ton of information that’s often hard to find. Where would I be without the tutorials, the go-to’s, and the do not do’s that might not otherwise arise? Because of blogging I have taken on projects I probably wouldn’t have attempted before, like the summer and the fall Pinterest challenges!

Speaking of Pinterest, that’s a whole other world that’s a blogger’s delight! But it’s not limited to bloggers, oh no, not at all. Have you stopped by? Oh, and I heard whispers in the fall that there will be a winter challenge coming some time in January! Do you think you might join in the fun? Keep an eye on Young House Love blog, because that’s where the details will be.

Reading blogs can be a one-stop shop, and trust me, I’ve discovered a world of resources literally at my fingertips… you know, clicking across the keyboard can open some magical doors! Do you know how much information is packaged in a blog and tied up with the visuals as if they were the bow? Blogs are pretty to look at, and practical to read!

Blogging is the doorway into the hearts and homes of others. I know, because it’s your comments that touch my heart, your decorating ideas that fill my home, and your recipes that I want to try. Post after post, the inspiration to try new ideas, to get things done, the eureka moments when you learn something new, and just to share and share alike is what makes blogging the special community that it is.

What do you love about the land of blog? What would you like to see?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Just Keeps on Giving!”

  • I think you’ve summed it up quite nicely here, Sheila. I don’t have any real life friends that blog (I have encouraged a few to start) but I do consider my blog friends to be real friends – it’s just that most of them I’ve never met but would love to meet some day. I also really do believe that it takes a lot of determination and dedication to be a blogger as well. I’ve really enjoyed following along with you and looking forward to a full year of blogging and reading along. And I have the first two books as well. The Design Sponge book was under the tree and I treated myself to Decorate after the holidays. I’ve already started Design Sponge and really love it. I really liked Jonathan Adler’s forward. I almost forgot the other thing…I belong to a group here in the Greater Philadelphia area called Philly Social Media Moms which is a huge support network of bloggers. There aren’t a ton of bloggers dedicated to design but it’s still a nice way to meet and get tips from other bloggers.

    • Thank you so much for leaving such a thoughtful and sincere comment, Holly.

      I’ve been reading quite a few comments lately where bloggers are saying how much work it is to blog… all in a good way, but still a ton of work. If you don’t blog, it’s hard to comprehend the time it takes to complete an article along with the photographs, either sourcing them or processing your own, etc. And it is so awesome to have a group to commiserate with, so I’m glad you have that. And I’m thrilled that you share some of the same books I now have. That’s another thing I really like about the blogging world, is being able to bounce thoughts back and forth about things like these books!

      Like you, I consider my blogging friends real friends. I’d love to be able to actually ‘do’ things with you, but am grateful for at least being able to communicate with you. I’m so glad we have the blogging world, and super happy that I have ‘met’ you!

      xo Sheila

  • Beautifully written Sheila. Blogging can be so rich and rewarding! Love the friendships it has brought my way!

    I got #3 under the tree! YAY! I treated myself to #1 when it came out and have yet to get #2. It is a sickness – the love of decor books 🙂

    Many hugs to you and here is to a wonderful 2012!

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