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Bookcase Reveal: Painted, Papered & Styled

Well, the bookcase is finally complete. In place and styled with pieces I have on hand. And it became pretty clear to me that I need a few different tchotchkes! But I’m not sure how I feel about that. As I slid my books into place the titles were a contradiction to adding more ‘stuff’…

Books like: Let Go of Clutter, Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, Organizing Plain & Simple… Hmmm. And so I have decided to live with the bookcase just the way it is for a while. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Unless of course I see something I can’t live without 😉

Here is where we started. You’ll remember this from yesterday!

To the paint


To the wallpaper…

To the styled reveal!

Bookcase Makeover

We definitely had to thin out our books in order to do a little styling, and I toyed with doing a whole colour blocking look, but in the end I know myself too well. I look for my books by subject matter, and it would drive me crazy to be searching through a random collection of like colours!

Here’s a close-up of the top 3 shelves…

So even though I think I need more tchotchkes (do you have to look up the spelling every time, too?), I do have meaningful pieces in the styling mix. Here’s a little rundown…


It already feels lighter to walk into the office, and just looking at this cheery bookcase puts a smile on my face!

I’m glad you stopped by to see the final outcome! If you’re considering a little makeover like this, I really hope you go for it. The change is so worth it… pine, what pine?

Thanks for stopping by!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photos: Sheila Zeller

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  1. Great styling, Looks fantastic! Can I borrow your book the Spirituality of Wine? LOL!

  2. Sheila,
    This looks absolutely fabulous! What a fantastic makeover – I really love what you did. Your styling is beautiful, as well 🙂

  3. Fabulous! What a transformation – even the little round feet stand out now – and the wallpaper is perfect. Thank you for the rundown on the styling items – so personal. We seem to have the same tastes in many things – right down to wine 🙂

  4. Gorgeous Sheila! You definitely did a lot of editing to arrive at the finished product. So very pretty.

  5. I am amazed how good it looks ,I myself would have never picked that wallpaper but it works so well,

  6. LOVE the colour you chose! I am now kicking myself for a shelf I let go of before we moved! This turned out so gorgeous Sheila…great job!!

    • Thank you Shelley! The pieces I’ve let go, and am now kicking myself for!!! 🙁 In the moment it’s hard to see ahead, but I find myself seeing everything in a different light now. My second filter is always, can this be repurposed, refinished, freshened up in any way. But now I run the risk of becoming a pack-rat, and that’s not good either! That’s where blogging is so awesome – it’s that added push to do the project or get over it LOL!

  7. Linda Olson says:

    I’m so inspired by this project. Especially when you mention John Davies, the Dalzell’s collection which I possess as well. I own many pieces of his work in the colbalt blue/fish imprint. I even have some of Kiko Lind’s pieces and other artists from around the islands. Great idea– personal/sentimentel objects that create a story!

    • Hi Linda!
      I was just thinking about you… maybe it was because of this post! I’m so glad you left a comment. Kiko Lind is a name I haven’t heard in a very long time. I also have some very cherished pieces of hers. My teapot, cream & sugar set – saved up and bought them myself when I was about 17, and a little juice pitcher with 2 matching cups bought around the same time. My Dad has 2 of her bowls, too! It’s so nice to share this familiar background with you!
      Thanks again for your comment – you just made my day!

  8. I think it looks awesome and so very pretty! Such a great look from before too. You’ve styled it so well too. Random question here since I see a few books that I also have, what is your all-time favorite design book?

    • Thank you so much, Holly!
      Oh boy, you’ve asked me a tough question. I really love ‘The Perfectly Imperfect Home’ because it fits my design philosophy so well, Design Sponge at Home because of it’s DIY repurposing factor, but I think I would have to say ‘Decorate’ is my favorite of these three. And that’s because a) the photos are gorgeous, but b) more because it’s a blend of the things I love… vintage, MCM, thrifting, eclectic in style, and it’s jam-packed with easy to understand information. To be fair though, all 3 of these books are new additions for me, so they’re like a new toy! If I had to pick a book that has impacted me the most, it would have to be Karen Kingston’s ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’. I read it years ago, have re-read it, and try to live by the principles in it… always easier to read than do!
      Thanks so much for asking this question! Which one is your favorite?

  9. What an absolutely beautiful job Sheila. It’s painted my fav colour and adore the wallpaper backing and the styling, oh the styling. That is very difficult to do and you did a superb job! congrats!

  10. Very nice! I bet you feel all fancy wtih your fancy shelves. It’s amazing what a little project can do right?

    What happens next in the office?

  11. Sheila!!!

    Oh, la la!!! You know when you see some great things and you say “I love it”… it kind gets so “normal” around the net, right? But this is sooo real. I really, really, really love it! Can you feel the “love”? 🙂

    Oh, my! You did an amazing job. I’d never say it’s the same bookcase. Ultra-stunning!


    Luciane at

  12. Wonderful, so wonderful ~:D !!!

  13. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments almost as much as the post. Delightful project that was obviously inspired by cherished memories and in turn has inspired us to follow in your footsteps. Sheila Zeller the “Bookshelf Trailblazer”.

    • We are so, so loving the change… especially since it’s pouring and grey outside! The hit of turquoise is warm and cheery, such a great contrast! So, what project have you been inspired to tackle? I’m so glad you are! Have a great weekend!!!

  14. Sheila, I think it looks perfect! Love the color and the wallpaper and the styling is fabulous. Honestly, I don’t think you need one more thing..perfect just the way it is.

  15. What a fantastic change, Sheila! Kudos to you – and how fun to spot that cheery bookcase in your office!!

  16. Hey Sheila that book case rocks now!!! I just adore the color and the wall paper brings in the bling!! Can’t wait to see your next project.

    • Speaking of… I just picked up a little side table yesterday with an eye on a makeover for it, but have to behave and get this office finished first. It’s coming. We’re almost there!


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