Burberry Plaid. Do You Live In It?



Source: Luxpresso

Do you live in it?

Burberry Trench Coat

Source: Salon of the Dames

Classic Burberry Plaid Shawl

Source: CoBurberry Sale

Classic Burberry Scarf

Source: Burberry Scarf 2011

Do you live in it?

Burberry Plaid Blankets

Source: Addicted Reader 27

Source: House Beautiful via All You Need Is Style

Burberry Plaid Blanket

Source: Burberry


Do you live in it!

Burberry Plaid on Buildings

Source: Sajkaca Blog

Jens Werner Andersen Artist

Source: Sweet Water Style Blog (Artist: Jens Werner Andersen)

Source: Mockitecture

It all depends on how you look at it!

How do you feel about plaid? You know it’s back, right? And it’s not all Burberry!

The vintage 70s plaids in blends of golds, browns, oranges and greens… well, I appreciate them from a ‘back in the day’ kind of way, but let’s just say there’s always a story to tell when it comes to bad plaid! I bet you’ve heard one or two 😉



It’s about coming home… and home is a special space that tells your story! 

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4 Replies to “Burberry Plaid. Do You Live In It?”

  1. I LOVE and have always loved Burberry plaid. I own a fake (counterfeit) Burberry plaid bag that I bought in college and I still use it occasionally. How cool though to live in one of those buildings.

  2. I have the burberry cashmere blanket that you have a picture of here, plus I have most of the shawls ever made by burberry, I love and live burberry

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