Cast Iron Crows Were A Caw-ling!

Did you know that before WWII cast iron animals and toys were all the rage?

But if you find a vintage one now you need to hang onto it, because they are hard to find. And that’s because during the war cast iron was used to make armour for ships. As a result the animals and toys were given to the war effort, so there aren’t many left from that time.

But if you can’t find vintage… you can always buy new!

Here’s a look at what I found today at Embellish Home Decor in Duncan.



When I saw the first one it instantly reminded me of the Eames Black House Bird with its presence and personality. But it’s the little one that makes me smile. I had a store credit, and simply couldn’t resist buying all three. They remind me of us!

Are you looking for something fun and just a little different for that tough person to shop for?

Maybe these cast iron crows are caw-caw-calling you! 😉 Oh, and did you know crows are the new rooster in decor? That’s what I was told!

I also saw glass cloches, rain chains, and this is where I bought the baker’s rack that I wrote about here!

So many options!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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8 Replies to “Cast Iron Crows Were A Caw-ling!”

    1. I was never into the roosters, and it’s funny that the crows appeal to me, because when the real things wake me up early in the morning cawing away, they’re not my favorite at all!

  1. yes, a good story, we called it ” Kanonen Futter”( munition food)
    but I like crows to a point, 200 at one visit – too much, they are smart birds and family oriented

  2. Crows are cutting edge, huh? Good to know. I feel like birds in general are all the rage. In my class the other night, a woman had two silver pheasant type birds that I absolutely loved. No one else seemed to enjoy them as much as I did (I kind of felt that way throughout class sometimes – that some people just didn’t get it). Oh well. I think these are great and do you have a spot for them yet in your home?

  3. I love these!!! They such little personalities. It was really nice seeing you over at Jodi’s place and look forward to more “blogger parties” in the future. Keep up the good work Sheila! I look forward to your posts weekly.

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