Change It Up… One-Two-Three

Change It Up… One-Two-Three

So our stormy weather blasted through, flipped our BBQ over (yup, it’s toast), knocked our power out, and did in one of our mega UPS battery power bars… so glad we had the UPS though, or it could’ve been the audio equipment instead 😐

Guess why this folding screen caught my eye…

Source: Pinterest

Let’s just say I’m ready for some sunshine and colour! Bright, cheerful, playful and dry!

Since I’ve got you looking at the folding screen, I decided to share a few more. I know they’re nothing new, but they are an easy way to give your space a fresh look. And now might be the perfect time to change things up just a bit.

 See how the mirrored screens frame this space?

Source: Meet Me In Philadelphia Blog

Imagine this space without them. Do you think you would like it as much?

Or this one with the antiqued mirror screen…

Source: Message Note

It adds to the old world charm, and creates the illusion of a larger space. Did you notice how it picks up where the mirror over the fireplace ends?

Maybe you would like to be carried off to another place.

Source: Confetti Style Blog

With this folding acrylic screen, would this weekend in Paris do?

Or is an outdoor retreat more for you?

Perhaps near the ocean?

Source: Web Urbanist

Believe it or not, this natural tree divider does fold! It would be tough to store, but what an impact it makes!

Or maybe you’d rather farmland like the Prairies instead…

This screen is made with laminated rye straw set in resin and acrylic…

Source: Home Interior Design Info

I think this is so pretty…

And here you can see that it really is a screen!

Source: Home Interior Design Info

It’s a limited edition piece from farm 21, and is truly functional art. It can stand in as a space divider, or stand on its own as a sculpture. But with a screen this unique, why get caught up in the details?

And last, but certainly not least…

If you’re a Mid-Century lover would this Eames screen appeal to you?

Source: Bonluxat

I have to admit, I’ve never seen the Eames screen. Is there anything they didn’t do?

Here’s a little ‘behind the Eames’ for you…

As Charles and Ray Eames saw it, designers just want to have “serious fun.” And this screen, designed in 1946, is a result of their play!    Click here to read more…

After Eames, is there anything more?

What do you think about mixing it up in decor with folding screens? Do you like them, or want to fold them away?

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