Christmas Curb Appeal: Cedar Boughs and Bows

Christmas Curb Appeal: Cedar Boughs and Bows

Here’s a little glimpse at our boughs and bows Christmas curb appeal.

On the weekend, collecting cedar boughs was the focus – hubby did that!

And then he made our exterior swags.


Do you think he knows he has an annual job yet? 😉

The planter was next, and that was my job… but I didn’t get at it until later.

I plan to add some holly, maybe even a few bobbles for extra colour and shine. What do you think?

And we still have to decide how we’re putting up our lights around the porch area, but here’s a look at where we’re at so far.

Now all we need is a little dusting of snow for that real Christmas feel. But not quite yet… I still have too much to do!

How are things coming along at your house?

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20 thoughts on “Christmas Curb Appeal: Cedar Boughs and Bows”

  • Looks good Sheila! And you’re right, you just need a little dusting of snow to make it complete.

    I am so far behind in everything this year, our new cottage has been taking up all my time. Now, I need to focus on all my Christmas duties and of course, my work!

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Awe, thank you Rosa! You know what, I don’t think you’re behind – until blogging I really didn’t start until around the 10th, and then I did a marathon blitz and got it all done in a weekend. I’m not sure yet which I like better – right now the gradual pace is nice, but having my boxes spread out all over the place is driving me a little bit crazy!

  • Looking very pretty and festive so far! What a gorgeous house! Love the planter…great job! I am behind on the outside decorating myself (I don’t feel so bad seeing the other ladies haven’t either…lol), Going out in the cold today to get my share of nature so I can start!

    • Thank you Shelley! I was just saying to Rosa from Flutter Flutter that I don’t actually think anyone is behind right now… being a blogger has pushed it up by about 10 days for me! Normally this weekend coming would be my decorating weekend! I hope you had success in spite of the cold 🙂

    • Thank you Kelly! We’re actually leasing for a few years, and then will decide if this is the one… so it’s been like a move-in redesign with the decorating. Every thing is a new surprise because we can’t fall back on what we did last year! So we’re having fun with it. I’m with you, I love decorating for Christmas!

  • Beautiful Sheila! Your hubby has the knack for sure…he knows what he’s doing each year! My hubby did the lights this past weekend and they look awesome. I’m in charge of some greenery which I need to do this weekend hopefully. I love the way the house looks at night with the swags highlighted by the lights.

    • Thank you Holly! I read your post about your little sweetheart being so sick. I feel so bad for her, and hope she bounces back quickly. And in the meantime, the greenery will stay nice and green while it waits for Sheila to get better! I hope you’re getting some rest – there’s nothing worse than your little one having the flu…

    • Thank you, Pauline! I love working with greenery, and you are so right about how blessed we are. It’s tough to beat what Mother Nature’s shares with us 🙂 But one thing that makes decorating early a little trickier is how the greenery wants to dry out so quickly – every morning I’m running around with a spray bottle of water trying to keep the greens moist and fresh! But I’m not ready to trade the fresh for faux… not yet.

  • Looking Fantastic Sheila! Definitely one of the things I miss about the island…easy accessibility to fresh and free greenery at Christmas. Always a friend or relative around willing to bring you some boughs home after a day at work in the bush or just walk out your backdoor… 🙂

  • Hi Sheila
    I love your cedar greenery for the holidays, at least it stays green as it dries out(haha). You made a beautiful arrangement for the porch. I think the vase with the cedar is just right. No need to add anything else, simple & elegant. And I am a professional floral designer and you have my vote.

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