Copper Tubs

Copper Tubs

I’ve spent the week moving a lot of boxes… the storage unit is now empty and a bunch of our seldom-used ‘stuff’ has been relocated to the new abode. And now all I ever dream about is soaking in the tub. But not just any tub… these tubs are what dreams are made of!

Copper tubs. Heavy, durable, and yes, generally very expensive. But with dreams there are no limits, right?

Apparently this is the most expensive copper tub in the world.


Hand-crafted of solid copper, it starts at $68,968! I’d can only imagine what it would feel like to sink into this tub. Is it in your budget?

How about this tub at the Rough Luxe Hotel?


I love the grunge décor. It’s exactly how I feel after a day of moving boxes!

And did you know that copper has proven antibacterial properties? This naturally helps make the tub cleaner…


It only makes sense to enjoy the same benefit with a matching copper sink, don’t you think?

Another benefit, copper tubs heat up much quicker than cast-iron models because of the thinness of the metal. And the water stays hotter for longer…


Don’t you hate it when the water cools off too soon? Even after the water is drained the tub stays warm to the touch for about an hour afterwards. What’s not to love?

Most copper tubs are freestanding, and tend to be very large. So this means the bathroom must be extraordinarily large too!


This room might be exaggerating the space that’s needed, but can you see how grand the scale of the tub is? It doesn’t look dwarfed in this space at all.

Just so you know, there are no mass-production copper tubs with modern features such as jets.


But that doesn’t mean no modern at all. You can still enjoy modern shapes and styles to suit a variety of interiors.

Copper tubs are really a work of art. They are usually hand hammered into shape, which gives each one a custom feel.


Make sure your copper tub is made of 99% copper, and at least 12 gauge (ask your dealer). This way you won’t have to worry about the tub changing shape with age.

Buy high quality from a reputable dealer. There are outlets in Mexico and China offering amazing deals, but do your homework, because you know what they say… if it’s too good to be true…


I mentioned earlier, a quality copper tub is made from a pure material, at least 99% copper. A cheaper copper is more likely to have excess lead, and will show dark spots with age. And who wants that?

If you prefer the aged patina look, quality is still key.


I’d say, aged to perfection!

What’s your tub style?


Do you like the look and feel of copper?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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