Corelle Dinnerware: Do You Remember When…?

Corelle Dinnerware: Do You Remember When…?

I came across this article featuring new Corelle dinnerware available April 19, 2011. I was amused because I had forgotten all about Corelle dinnerware. Growing up we had Corelle dishes, along with some matching Pyrex and Corningware pieces! Back in the day we had the hottest trend in the latest look, and when that started to get tired, my Mom upgraded to just plain white, but still Corelle! We definitely had other dinnerware, but our everyday was this.

So to have a little fun, I decided to look up the pattern and find some images to share with you of the dinnerware I grew up with! Maybe some of you will remember it, and maybe some of your parents still have a few pieces. I know my Dad still has the oval Corningware casserole dish I remember so clearly. And I also know it’s one of those pieces that is just the right size that works for so many things…

Spring Blossom. White with green flowers. Now… vintage!


Does this look familiar to any of you?

Here we have a close-up of the pattern…


Dinner plates, salad/luncheon plates, and bowls.

Did you know that Corelle is:

  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Break-, chip-, and fade-resistant under normal use
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable, yet attractive At the same time,

What do you think so far?

Here we have the classic teacups and saucers.


If you look carefully you’ll notice that the teacup handles are open at the bottom. This distinct design was very clever because you can stack the teacups, one inside of the other. What a great way to maximize your cupboard space!

This is the matching platter to the Spring Blossom dinnerware.


I love the shape of it. Can’t you just imagine a Sunday roast beef dinner coming up?

And speaking of roast beef dinner…


Isn’t this butter tub awesome? I think the shape of it is so much fun… charming with lots of personality!

I mentioned matching Pyrex and Corningware pieces to the Corelle dinnerware pattern.


This creamer, sugar bowl, and butter dish are just one example of a Pyrex match.

This set of coffee mugs is another.


I remember the coffee mugs very well. My parents used these all the time!

And last but not least, the matching Pyrex casserole bowls and mixing bowls.


I couldn’t find a photo of the oval casserole bowl that my Dad still has, and I should have thought to take my own, but I didn’t. It’s like the green bowls on the left with white flowers, except that it is oval. It also has a lid, which is a great feature of the bowl, and the lid is white with green flowers.

So that’s a little walk down memory lane with me, and a glimpse into what our dinnerware was like, probably through the 70’s as I was growing up. Did you grow up with Corelle, or do you own any now? How about the matching Pyrex and Corningware bowls?

To see what Corelle has to offer today, click here. I think you will be amazed at the options!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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28 thoughts on “Corelle Dinnerware: Do You Remember When…?”

  • Sheila,

    COOL idea!!! I remember it! God, are we getting old?? lol

    My aunt had something like this, but it was orange (the blooms). Oh, this is making me miss that great time.

    Really cool post!

    Have a wonderful day.


    Luciane at

    • Oh my Luciane – I wasn’t sure if I should admit to growing up with Corelle because I knew it would ‘date’ me! Vintage – everyone is liking vintage, so we’ll go with that πŸ˜‰ Besides, they say what’s old is new again, so that just means we’re new!
      Have a wonderful Wednesday.
      xo Sheila

  • i love a good vintage flashback! i actually did a 70’s – themed wedding shower last year, and i borrowed (and bought) all kinds of 70’s dishware as well as fondue pots and mushroom and owl accessories to style the party! in my previous home, i had a 50’s vibe going in my kitchen. i collected lots of pyrex bowls and containers, and i still have a few of my favorites (like the turquoise pieces). thanks for the fun post!

    • Hi Kristie!
      Wow, a 70’s themed wedding shower – that must have been FUN! I love fondue… the clean-up not so much, but fondue makes for a great party πŸ™‚
      And your kitchen sounds like it was oh, so awesome… do you have any photos? The 50’s… great energy, music, and colour! How can you go wrong?
      You always have such great stories to share. Thank you!
      xo Sheila

    • This made me laugh… somehow I had a hunch it wouldn’t be your thing! But from what I can remember, it definitely held true to its durable selling features – easy, easy care. As kids we loved it because we did the dishes, and there was no worry about chipping, cracking or breaking anything in the process! πŸ™‚

  • haha, that was a bit of fun….do I admit to liking my Corelle??? Just passed it down to my kids, another generation of Corellites!!

    • Hi Leigh!
      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ Admit to liking it? I say if it’s still around to pass down to your kids, what’s not to like πŸ˜‰
      Have a great day!
      xo Sheila

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment! I think that’s so awesome that you still have those dishes – a testament to their quality and appeal, for sure. I love the teacups with the open handles – I think the design is ingenious, and these are by far one of my favorite pieces…

  • I just came across a pristine set of these at my local thrift store for $19.95. 27 pieces!!! When I saw them I was instantly taken back to my childhood. I decided to buy the set for my mom… I think she abandoned the pattern when they broke after decades of use. I figure now they are “shabby chic” so why not? πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for stopping by. That’s pretty incredible to find a pristine set for that price. WOW! Isn’t it funny how these things take us back? It’s a neat feeling though… I hope your mom loves the set πŸ™‚

  • Hi Sheila

    I grew up with this pattern too! My mom had the white with green blossoms, and my aunt had the green with white blossoms. Mom still has the mugs and the large serving bowl and still uses them to this day. What a great memory!

    • Hi Carol!
      Thank you for your comment!
      I grew up with the plain white dinnerware, but the coffee mugs were white with green blossoms. When I see Corelle it always takes me back… I agree with you, such a great memory!
      I appreciate you stopping by πŸ™‚
      xo Sheila

  • Does anyone know if thses dishes had lead in them? I heard that all dishes made before 1971 had lead in them. Just wondering because my Dad still uses this exact set of dishes today. Thanks

  • I had everything they made in that pattern! Loved it and passed it to my son when he went into the Coast Guard. He used it for several years then passed it to a buddy who had just married and needed “something”. Don’t know where it is now, but I sometimes miss it. I use Corelle even today but in a different pattern.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories.
    Sheila Kaye

  • I’m 23 and my grandparents had the Spring Blossom plates when I was growing up, and I actually bought a vintage set for when I move out. I’m going with a multi-colored garden theme for my future kitchen. Love em!

    • Hi Kaylah,
      Thanks so much for stopping by! How cool to start out with vintage – it’ll be so much fun for you as you add to your collection. And what’s so neat is you’ll also be adding to your memories – that’s the part I love about vintage the most… there’s always a story. Love it! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  • I received Corelle dishes as a wedding gift in 1985, and they are all I use to this day! My pattern was called desert blossom or some such thing, gray line with a couple of large-ish peachy-pink (salmon?) flowers. My teacups aren’t like those in your photos, and they don’t stack nearly as well, but they are pretty.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Corelle article – I really appreciate your comment! I know the pattern you’ve described – it was hugely popular, and the fact that you are still using your set is a testament as to why! I hope you get many more years of enjoyment from them.

  • We had this pattern growing up. My Dad still has a small (not quite complete) set of them that we eat off of when we visit. So I assume he still uses them. He’s not one for the latest and greatest but rather “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I’ve been contemplating starting a collection of vintage dishes. Turquoise is my favorite color. And is readily available. But for nostalgia, I may just need to include my next favorite color of spring green! Ty for your article. Loved it!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to share such a great comment, Lisa! I laughed at the ‘Dad’ comment, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” That’s exactly what my Dad is like!! If I were to start a collection I would definitely be going turquoise – that’s my favourite by far, but I also really love the white/black Mid-Century pieces… and of course, the spring green! πŸ˜‰

  • My Mum bought me a 4 person dinner set in that exact pattern in the early 1980s – and I still have most of it. Stupidly, I threw out the cups and saucers because I like my tea or coffee out of a mug, but I miss them because the cups were such a wonderful design and so easy to stack, 4 cups taking up just the space of 1 cup in the cupboard. Oh, and one day in the 1990s I tested out the sturdiness of a dinner plate and dropped it on a concrete floor – needless to say, it shattered into zillions of pieces – then I was sorry !!!! And, just recently, I must have had something really sticky in one of the bowls and the one on top of it stuck to it like glue and when I tried to separate them the one on top left its bottom stuck to the one below – heartbroken !!!! A good soak got the remainder off so three bowls left.

    Now I am just about to treat myself to a new Corelle dinner set – and I’m getting the Camellia pattern but I also like the all-white embossed Cherish pattern. Who knows, I might end up getting them both.

    What I love most about Corelle is how light it is to hold – a lot of stoneware or earthenware plates are so heavy – and having limited grip heavy dishes are hard to hold on to when you are doing the washing-up – and they take up more room in the cupboard. So, it’s Corelle all the way for me – and I have been telling friends about them for years.

    I have so enjoyed this blog. Thanks from Emmy in Glasgow, Scotland.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful commment Emmy, and for sharing a little of your own Corelle history! I am so glad you didn’t give up on it after the concrete crash and the sticky glue scenarios – what bad luck πŸ™ I really like both the patterns you have in mind for your next set – both are very fresh and modern. That’s one of the things I really like about Corelle – they modernize their lines to keep up with the times.

  • Wow…awesome article! Thank you! I found you when researching before I list some of these on Ebay. Moving to Hawaii in June and having purge my childhood home of many vintage items, Corel included.

    Thank you for the memories and sharing a little about this very cool dinner ware.

    With your permission, will share some snippets from your blog post here and reference you in the description of my ebay listing. (Ginas Vintage Attic)


    • Hi Regina,
      What a pleasure to read your comment, and thank you! Isn’t it fun to learn about pieces we’ve grown up with? Lucky you to be moving to Hawaii – enjoy your adventure, and your new home. You definitely have my permission to share – thank you for checking in. I appreciate that!!

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