Curb Appeal Hits Rock Bottom

Curb Appeal Hits Rock Bottom

Thanksgiving weekend came and went so fast, I can’t believe it’s over! Seriously, where did the 3-day weekend go?

Well, I know where one of our days went. We spent the day on Saturday attempting to add a little more curb appeal to the side yard. You might remember the landscaping saga I wrote about here and here. And I mentioned it was solid rock underneath the dusting of dirt.

Anyway. A few weekends ago hubby’s parents brought us a bunch of plants from their garden. And then my Dad added more from his garden.

I’m so glad the plants are hardy, because thanks to some nasty weather, and then a few weeks of crazy schedules, this is how they had to wait for their new home.

As I said, the dirt you’re looking at is just an illusion. Under that dark pseudo soil lies solid rock. It’s so near the surface that the shovel barely penetrates the soil and you’re almost bounced off your feet from feel the impact. Honestly!

So we made a few trips to the rock pit near our house and loaded up some rock. I know, more rock!

We just needed enough to create mini beds against the bank that we could backfill with some dirt. At least enough to get the plants started in their new home.

But where to start?

We decided to work out from the shrubs that were already there, and make a spot for the Bleeding Heart shrub. But we don’t know if this one is going to make it 😐

Then line the mini rock wall with Black-Eyed Susans at the base of the porch.

And start a border of Crocosmia along the upper ridge…

Our goal was to get everything at least into a spot, even if semi-developed for now. So you can see that the Crocosmia needs way more rock to properly retain the dirt, and the Black-Eyed Susans actually need rock to hold the dirt in… and we will get that done.

But we had more plants to deal with. So this is how we carried on.

We added another layer of rock to the Bleeding Heart’s spot, and created areas for the ornamental grasses. It’s hard to see, but we also put a small ridge in front of a few ground covers… no, it’s not the creeping green that you see. That’s a weed we need to rake out of there, and we’re hoping the ground covers will take over and win!

We also surrounded a Wild Geranium with a little rock bed…

And began to line the rock edging with Lily of the Valley. We’re told Lily of the Valley needs some shade, so we don’t know how it will do here. It came from my Dad and he curses its stubbornness, so we’re hoping it wants to be stubborn here too!

This is what we accomplished.

We started here…

And finished off here.

We definitely need to bring in more rock to finish some of the spots I mentioned. And a lot more dirt. And then eventually more plants… and we want to gravel or bark mulch some paths, but for now the plants are in place and can begin to establish themselves in their new home. And just in time. We had a perfect day on Saturday to get this work done, but right now as I sit and write it is POURING down rain outside!

And so the landscaping saga continues… but does it really ever end? Not if the weeds have their way!

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7 thoughts on “Curb Appeal Hits Rock Bottom”

    • We’re so hoping everything takes, because the colours in the Spring will be much prettier than the bare dirt, and it is so much fun to create. I love working with rock, and it’s very handy to us, so minimal expense for now… I just believe that your home is your home, whether you own it or not. We haven’t delved into an edible garden yet though, but maybe this year coming 🙂

    • I still take inspiration from the work you did on Majuba Hill! I have pictures printed out and just love what you did there… so we’ll know who to call if things don’t cooperate with us 😉

  • I give you so much credit Sheila. Building a garden like this is not easy. It is looking great so far and come Spring you will reap all the rewards of your hard work.

    • Thank you Linda! This kind of work feels more like play because I enjoy it so much… once I get at it! I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out in the Spring 🙂

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