Curb Appeal: To Clean or Not To Clean Your Siding

Curb Appeal: To Clean or Not To Clean Your Siding

I was going to leave curb appeal alone for a while, but with all this incessant rain we’ve been getting, I thought maybe now would be a good time to talk siding, vinyl siding.

With the rain comes dirt, grime, and eventually an algae build-up if routine cleaning is let go. This is what you will encounter after a wet season (or two) like the one we’re currently experiencing…

Do you see the build-up of dirt the higher up the wall you go? The best way to tackle this grime is with a cloth or soft bristled brush and warm water. See here for full details on how to clean, and what to clean with. Pay special attention to the pressure washing information. Sure, it’s easy to pressure wash compared to scrubbing the siding yourself, but if you’re not careful you can do more damage than good, so these tips and suggestions are definitely worth heeding.

If you decide to opt out of routine cleaning, here is what the build-up will eventually look like…

Can you see the green coating of algae? The seasonal maintenance has been let go, and now the cleaning has become an overwhelming task.

The build-up on this siding is not only from the wet weather, but it has been left through the heat of the summer too, so now the dirt, grime, and algae have been baked on by the sun.

This siding, worst case scenario, is at risk of being permanently stained, and at best, will take a lot of hard work to scrub clean. And… with routine seasonal cleaning, these two factors could have been avoided.

Another reason for routine maintenance is to catch any repair items that come along.

Like this.

Do you see the hole in the siding? This hole is allowing water to get in behind the siding, which could potentially lead to decay. Even a small hole like this is worth the cost to repair.

Curb appeal speaks volumes to a potential buyer. And if you’re not selling, it’s still ultimately a reflection on you. Take the time to care for your investment, and your investment will continue to care for you!

What kind of siding does your home have? How often do you wash it down? Any tips or suggestions to share with others?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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2 thoughts on “Curb Appeal: To Clean or Not To Clean Your Siding”

  • Nothing gets me more upset than vinyl siding on the west[wet] coast. I recognize the terrible cost of natural options, with its ensuing maintenance costs, but aesthetically, as well as , its ‘green’ options, it seems a long term consideration [if one looks at green preservation methods]. Or, is it something I do not understand, or fail to appreciate in the curse of the urban [urbane] south- west of the province? Maintenance and preservation are some of the most important considerations of domestic living today… a home that lasts twenty years is not acceptable. In this season. Out the next season mantra is not acceptable. A house is not an accesory. It is not a fashion statement. It is what we build all of ourselves from. The children we raise. The values we give them. The power of place we gice them.

    Know what we can change, Know what we can NOT change. Good bones, good house.Bad bones, bad house…

    • Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your perspective and feedback. My thought, if you own it, maintain it, no matter what the material or where the location. I couldn’t agree with you more that ‘A house is…what we build all of ourselves from…’ If one opts not to maintain their home, it makes me wonder if there is perhaps something much deeper going on for that individual, and the disrepair, disregard for the care or state of their home is a symptom of that. The values maybe lost somewhere between inner and outer conflict for whatever reason. And if it really is that the individual just simply doesn’t care it makes me wonder what’s broken inside and why…

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