Curb Appeal: What To Do About That Picture!

Curb Appeal: What To Do About That Picture!

Yesterday I posted the below photo of a main entrance and asked you to identify what was wrong with its curb appeal. Here is what I see. If you see something I’ve missed, or have any tips to add please make sure to leave a comment.

Main Door: The metal door is in good shape, but it’s definitely dated. (1 – DIY) You could wash the door down and try to remove the scuff marks at the bottom. As for the half moon casing discolouration, not sure how to fix that. It’s pvc plastic and painting it will peel off or flake away. Any suggestions? (2 – Repaint) Consider having the door professionally painted, but keep in mind the siding is vinyl and there is grey j-mould around the wood trim – this would influence new colour choices unless the j-mould was replaced with white.  BTW – if you opt to paint the metal door yourself click here for tips on how to prep, and to get the best finish. Also make sure you use a paint made specifically for metal. (3 – Replace) Another option is to completely replace the door depending on budget and priorities.

AluminumThreshold: Aluminum thresholds are built to maintain their shape, and hold up for many years. This threshold is in good shape, but does need a good cleaning.

Porch: The porch definitely needs to be scraped and repainted. If you were to paint the door, then the colour of the porch would be something to have some fun with as well. If you were to replace the door and swap out the j-mould for white, just think of the choices you could make for a porch colour!

Door Jamb and Door Trim: Like the porch, the door jamb and trim also need to be scraped and repainted. You can see from the photo below how much wear and tear the area around the door gets! I’m wondering where the white paint came from?

Hardware on the door: The door knob looks like it has held up , but… (1 – DIY) it needs to be cleaned and polished. (2 – Replace) If the budget permitted, an updated door handle would make a significant difference. I would go with a latch or handle because they’re easier to open and have a lot more visual impact.

Porch Light: This light fixture is beyond cleaning and polishing. (1 – DIY) It actually needs to be refreshed with a coat of paint and the shade needs to be replaced, but you would need to figure out what type of shade would fit… if the option is to keep this fixture at all.

(2 – Replace) I would strongly recommend replacing this fixture with one that adds character and charm. Trust me, it would be worth it in the end.

Concrete Step and Pad: In the photo below you can see that the wood between the slabs is deteriorating, and the surface of the concrete is weathered and worn.

(1 – DIY) Pulling the grass and weeds, and pressure-washing the concrete will go a long way in giving it a fresh look. But be ware that it won’t last, and will require constant maintenance to keep the weeds away. (2 – Resurface) This is honestly where I would seek the advice of a professional and look into resurfacing the whole area. (3 – Replace) Again, with budget and priorities in mind, pulling all the concrete out and starting from scratch might be the way to go.

Garden Bed: There’s nothing that detracts from curb appeal as quickly as dead plants, and thriving weeds! (1 – DIY) This is definitely an easy fix. Cut all the dead foliage and flowers away, pull the weeds, and refresh the soil. You’d be amazed at how much better it will look. (2 – Potted Plants) Add a few pots of flowers… and keep them dead-headed!

This is a close-up. Can you see the landscape fabric peeking through? Definitely in need of more soil, gravel or bark mulch! But what I really wanted to point out is the rock to the right of the dandelion. That’s actually covering an open drain hole! This is a safety hazard. (1 – DIY) This is a good spot for a pot of flowers. (2 – Cover) Install a grate, or a cap/plug of some kind. Again, seek the advice of a professional… and if the concrete is resurfaced, or replaced, this would definitely be something to point out and factor in.

And one last look…

And two last things…

Blinds in the Window: They definitely add a privacy factor with the window being so low to the ground, but don’t add anything for curb appeal. I know the inside sets the tone for window treatments, but I’m pretty sure there’s something else out there that would look better… What do you think?

Doormat: It’s too small for this spot, and even though it’s nice that the shape mirrors the shape of the step, ideally it should be at least as wide as the doorway. Your welcome mat needs to feel welcoming in size!

Do you see anything else? Thank you to Kristie from The Decorologist, Luciane from Home Bunch, and Ursula from Sea to Canvas for your comments!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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2 thoughts on “Curb Appeal: What To Do About That Picture!”

  • Sheila,

    Neglecting our own home is a bad sign. We never know what’s really going on with someone’s life to leave your home in this situation, but I always like to look things “behind” the obvious. So, yes, this home needs lots of repair, but what made a person to not care anymore? I wonder about that question…

    Great post as always, Sheila.

    Have a beautiful Spring Day! 🙂


    Luciane at

    • You are so right… I truly believe that what’s going on on the outside is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside at the heart and soul level… good or not so good. I really appreciate your thoughts… xo Sheila

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