Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Curb appeal is the first impression to the rest of your home regardless of what actually lies within. And if you’re selling, it speaks to a potential buyer’s emotions: will it begin their love affair with the property or be giving them a silent message to turn and walk away?

This is the main entrance to a privately owned home. It’s not for sale, but is in need of some exterior maintenance and TLC.

What things can you see that are in need of repair and/or TLC in this picture? Hint: I see 6 or 7 at a glance, but there are some less obvious ones too!

If this was your home, what would you do?


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6 thoughts on “Curb Appeal: What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  • Oh, so many things can be improved here. I get what you’re saying and I know, we should take care of our places, independently if they’re for sale or not. I think it’s easier to be done if you don’t let it go, you need to maintain it, so it doesn’t become a bigger and more expensive problem.

    Have a Happy Day!


    Luciane at

    • Hi Luciane!
      Thank you for leaving a comment, and you are so right. This post is respectfully about showing how there’s a slow deterioration over time if things are let go too far. And it really is meant to speak to whether you’re selling or not, because maintenance needs to happen one way or the other to keep the value of your investment in place. I will be doing a few follow-up posts identifying the problems in this photo, and introducing some new ones from different photos to watch for.
      How is your on-line consulting going?
      I hope you’re feeling great!
      xo Sheila

  • Easy – scrape the wooded part – paint in a niece grey – power wash the cement part – paint the door dark red – ad 2 flowerpots – and definitely kill the dandelions
    love when you do that – meaning showing the bad entrance

    • I love the word ‘easy’ in this! Your suggestions are perfect and doable… just roll up the sleeves and get to work, and so often that’s the biggest hurdle to actually overcome… but what a difference getting to work could make!

  • YIKES! Ok, I would have to replace that door, beef up that column, clean up and paint that wood porch, and add some color to start. A nice pot of flowers to the right (which I probably couldn’t keep alive) would help, too. What would you recommend, Sheila?

    • Love your ideas! Especially beefing up the column – I never thought of that, but once you said it, I could totally see what a difference that would make. And I really appreciate your fearlessness about replacing the door! Thank you πŸ™‚

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