Designers ‘Rate’

Designers ‘Rate’

Like anyone working in a profession, the longer you are ‘in it’, the more you learn. Whether it be learning with intention or vicarious learning, the point is a foundation of knowledge is built over time and is brought to each new project along the way.

In the world of interior styling, as in many creative industries, there is an inherent gray area when it comes to fees-for-service. Because design is conceptualizing, envisioning, and ultimately creating, it is hard to break down each of the interwoven steps that lead to the end result. What most clients see is when a project begins, and when it ends, but it’s the journey in between where the real work takes place and yet is hardest to see.

Once a design professional has committed to a project, that project becomes an extension of their thoughts and focus. The creative switch has been turned ‘ON’, and the vision begins to take shape. The designer (interior stylist, redesigner, stager…) is now absorbed in the details, the vision seldom far from thought. No matter where they go, or what they are doing, they are constantly keeping an eye out for that perfect piece to bring in, researching options to execute the plan, sourcing materials, and finally overseeing the implementation of the plan. This is what you are paying for: the knowledge and expertise of an interior specialist to transform your space. See what Design Great, Vicente Wolf says!

It’s this part of the journey, the work that happens between the ‘before’ and the ‘reveal’ that is gray, the abstract and intangible of the creative process.

So, back to the title of this article, Designers ‘Rate’.  How should a design professional respond to a seemingly innocent question, when the answer draws directly on their area of expertise? In other words, when the answer is in fact ‘what they do for a living’. Maria Killam has written two excellent articles that address this. The first, ‘Do You Dream About Decorating Your House?‘ was written in May, and the second, ‘Negotiating Lessons from Mad Men‘, was just posted two days ago. I think Maria has painted a very clear picture of how ‘gray’ the fees-for-service are in the world of interior styling, and really, in so many creative industries.

If you really are asking a design professional for their suggestions, ideas, input… for your space, remember they rate their ‘rate‘ to reply.

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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