Divine Red Wine Decor

Divine Red Wine Decor

I’ve been anticipating this post because I love the colours of red wine. There’s something about the depth and intensity that suggests so much more. Even the way the reds are described in the wine colour guide hint that there’s more to each colour than meets the eye…

Red Wine Colour Range




West Side Story is about young love, confusion and conflict… a red wine that’s purple in colour usually suggests a young, immature wine, so I thought the connection between the two was perfect.


Ruby Red


There’s something very fresh and fun, yet enchanting about this room. The slice of artwork draws you in and teases your eye to find more. It’s very much like a ruby wine…  evolved but still youthful.


Garnet Red


This space is all about the artwork. The sectional blends in so well you don’t even notice it’s there… a mature space like the maturity of a garnet coloured classic wine.


Red Brown


Red-brown shades in wine are associated with older but still healthy wines. This space: sleek, modern, sophisticated… and very adult. I really like the depth of colour in this space.




I thought this space captured the essence of mahongany coloured wines perfectly, because these wines will be a warm orange color at the rim of the glass during their prime maturation period. Can you see that here… from the orange rim lighting to the mid-tone runner to the mahogany coloured panelling?




A wine that’s dark brown in colour generally indicates that it’s past its prime, though some old red wines are still quite drinkable. I think this room reflects that… modern mixed with retro and historical, still very pleasing to the eye.




Did you notice that the colours of red wines are often incorporated into decor as accents? You don’t usually see a room painted out like the ruby red bathroom above. And I can also see why. These colours are so intense, that too much of a good thing might be too much if they’re not used carefully. But as you can see from these images, when they’re used purposefully and with intention, they are dramatic and make a great impact.

How do you feel about the red wine palette? Do you dare to go there?

Have a great weekend!

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  • Super thank you, i love that strawberry and copper room but what i love the most is the last picture, i would show this to my brothers since they are the ones assigned to paint the walls. anyway, you think orange is a good choice for guys room?

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