DIY Advent Calendar With Vintage Supplies

DIY Advent Calendar With Vintage Supplies

Advent calendar time is almost here – are you counting down? If you still want to create a calendar, it’s not too late… you might even want to check out this collection for 25 more ideas and inspiration! Earlier last week I promised I would have one more calendar to share, so here we go.

You might remember some of my projects created from vintage upholstery webbing. If not, you can find a tabletop planter and a magazine rack here.

Below is a photo collage of the grow chart I made for the little calendar recipient, too… thank you to Whipperberry blog for the great idea and tutorial!

Art Project Collage

So in keeping with the repurposed vintage webbing theme, here is how I made the Advent calendar!

1. Gather Supplies

Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Materials

  • Fabric, enough for the calendar including seam allowance (approx. 24″ W x 38″ L) and pockets including seam allowance (approx. 24″ W x 25″ L)
  • Note, finished calendar size was 22″ W x 36 L; finished pocket strips were 22″ W x 4″ L
  • Upholstery webbing, 87.50″ minimum length (25 squares, each 3.5″ x 3.5″)
  • Number Stencils, 1″ tall
  • Permanent Black Felt Sharpie, fine tip
  • 5/8″ Dowling, 23″ long
  • Seam Binding, 1″ wide
  • Thread (to match webbing, and to match fabric)
  • Draft pattern of desired number layout

Step 2: Square Fabric and cut Webbing Squares for Pockets

I squared the fabric and cut it to size leaving an extra 1″all around for seam allowance. I then cut 25 squares of webbing, 3.5″ x 3.5″ – the actual width of the webbing was 3.5″, so that was my guide for the size of the squares.

Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Pocket Layout

Step 3: Stencil Numbers onto Webbing Squares; Cut pocket strips

Each square was stenciled with a number between 1 and 25 using a black felt Sharpie pen. Fabric strips were cut to create the actual pockets with.

Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Pockets & Backing

Step 4: Prep edges of Pocket Strips; Hem top edge of each

The long edges of the fabric strips were folded over 1/4″, ironed, folded another 1/4″ and the top edge hemmed.

Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Pocket Backing

Note, the sides were folded over just once at a 1/2″ and they were tucked inside each of the long edges. Then the top edge was hemmed, and the bottom edge remained pinned.

Step 5: Sew Webbing Squares & Pocket Strips to Calendar Fabric

Next, the webbing squares were sewn 5 across onto each pocket strip, and then each strip was sewn onto the main fabric piece.

Vintage Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Sewing Pockets Together

Note, before sewing strips into place, ensure the ends from sewing the webbing are tied off at the back (top right photo). You can see (bottom right photo) how the strip was sewn onto the main piece of fabric, and how the pockets were created – the bottom edge you left pinned earlier is the edge that is now sewn into place, and the pockets are created by stitching between each webbing square. Be sure to back-stitch the top and bottom of each pocket seam!

Step 6: Pull threads to back and tie off

Again, be sure to tie off all the threads from sewing pockets strips onto calendar fabric.

Vintage Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar - Pocket Seams

An aside, this fabric is not stained or dirty! The dark smudgy marks you see are shadows cast from my chandelier at night… just in case you were wondering!! 😉

Step 7: Attach Seam Binding Loops for Doweling

The last thing, attach top loops to calendar to hold a piece of doweling; this helps keep the fabric taut. I used seam binding to make my loops.

Vintage Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar

Step 8: Optional, attach a vintage hanger!

Here’s one of my favorite parts of this project. I used a vintage Canadian Railway hanger to finish it off!

Vintage Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar

I wrote about thrifting this hanger here, and what’s so much fun is Heather, the little guy Isaac’s ‘mom’ was with me when I found this treasure! This advent calendar was made especially for Isaac who was born in September!


Making this advent calendar was a lot of fun, and you know what I believe…

Vintage Upholstery Webbing Advent Calendar

In the end it’s all about the story that goes with the piece!

I love finding new ways to repurpose vintage things! How about you?

I have linked this gift up over at Satori Design for Living.  You might want to pop over to see all the other great handmade gifts, too!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller – please link and credit if you choose to use! 🙂

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