DIY Bulletin Board Makeover

DIY Bulletin Board Makeover

I know this DIY project is not a new idea, but I’ve been wanting to cover this bulletin board for a long time now.

It’s a basic cork board, and until this point the only upgrade was clear-coating the wooden frame. And that was done almost a year ago, but then we moved and the rest of the project fell by the wayside. In fact, I wasn’t even sure where, or if it would be hung up after we moved in.

But we have this spot right outside our office that is pretty bare.

I’ve contemplated different pieces of artwork, but the truth is it wouldn’t be seen enough to be enjoyed hanging in this spot.

So today I picked up some Ikat style fabric in colours that will transition the landing into the office space. I wasn’t really looking for Ikat, just a pattern that would be colourful and fun.

Before I could really get going I realized the upholstery nails I planned to use were too long for the thickness of this cork board. They went right through and stuck out the back!

Luckily I had some sheets of Styrofoam kicking around that had been used for packing. So I cut them to size and used wood glue to stick them to the back of the board.

Oops, I think I used enough glue!

This is how much thickness the Styrofoam added to the board.

Ready to roll, I started by ironing the one selvage edge under first. And then I tacked it into place in the center and each corner of the same side.

I ironed the creases for the rest of the folds after the first side was tacked down. I did this by using the wooden frame as a guide for the iron, and ironed right on the board. The crease was facing the wrong way, but it gave me a guide for folding the edge under. Once the edge was folded under and fit snuggly against the frame, I ran the iron over it once more.

I worked my way around the frame, tacking the fabric into place in the centers and corners as I went.

Once this was all done and the fabric in place, next was figuring out the spacing for the rest of the upholstery nails.

Here’s what I went with.

You can see at the bottom how I started with large spacing first, and worked around the frame with it. And then if you look at the top you will notice how I tightened up the spacing, and started filling in around the frame again. Doing it this way helped keep my fabric even as each upholstery tack was inserted.

I decided to add extra tacks to the corners for a little finishing touch.

And then I attached picture wire to the back, and hung the bulletin board up!

Here’s another look at the space before…

And after.

The  plants aren’t usually here though. They’ve been relocated to make room for the Christmas tree. And the tiles on top of the book stand are waiting for me to decide where they’re going.

But I think the bulletin board adds a much needed splash of colour.

So finally, I can cross this project off my list, and just in time for Christmas! And you know, this only took about 2 hours from start to finish including clean-up and hanging the bulletin board up. The question, why did I wait so long to tackle this?

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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