DIY Closet Touch-Ups. It’s In the Details!

DIY Closet Touch-Ups. It’s In the Details!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you will have seen my post featuring this quick closet fix.DIY Closet Fix

Side note, ‘Before’ shot was taken during the day, ‘After’ was taken later in the evening – no flash was used in either shot. What a difference natural light makes to colour in photographs! The ‘Before’ shot is a lot more true to the actual colour, and a lot less grainy.

Back to the closet – I thought I could leave well enough alone once it was fixed, but I couldn’t. You see there were two spots randomly left unpainted – the edge of the deep, jut-out shelf, and the left inside panel where the closet rod hangs. I know me, these spots would drive me crazy, so that meant the painting had to be done.

The storage shed was full of touch-up paint when we arrived, and in my hunt this is the one that caught my eye.

Dried Up Paint

Well now!

Luckily I found more of this colour stashed in another spot – much newer and in great shape. Let the painting begin.

When I mentioned jut-out shelf, I wasn’t kidding. This is a pretty hazardous configuration and in anticipation of potential casualties, I added these felts to soften the blow corner. In a perfect world I would rip out this whole closet system and redesign it, but for now we are working with what is and tweaking where we can to get moved in and settled!

Master Closet - Shelf - Before

Master Closet - Shelf - After

I don’t have a ‘Before’ of the unpainted panel, but just picture raw plywood.

Another tweak I made was putting a white rod cover over the wooden rod. It’s something I do in all my closets whether the rods are metal or wood. I just find it brightens the closet up and helps the hangers slide. The same goes for shower bars. It’s amazing what a difference a rod cover can make, and for not a lot of money.

Here is the closet now, painted in full!

Closet Touch Up Tips

I also lined the floor where my bags are with a piece of plastic carpet protector. I had it on hand, it’s easy to cut to size and I was able to place the finished edge out.

My next mission is to replace all the plastic hangers with black velvet covered hangers. I’ve replaced half already, and I really like them. Clothes don’t slip off the hanger, and they take up a lot less room.

Tip: If you opt for these hangers just be careful where you buy them. There is definitely a difference in quality as the hanger hook tends to break off on the cheaper ones. In my experience, Costco’s are good, Wal-Mart’s are not!

How about you? Would you have done the painting, or would you have left it alone since it’s inside the closet? What kind of hangers do you like, and what makes or breaks a closet for you?

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Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller. Please link and credit if you choose to use!

5 thoughts on “DIY Closet Touch-Ups. It’s In the Details!”

  • These are the little things that drive me nuts, so, to answer your question: paint it! Looks like you’re starting to get settled in, which means a little down time may be in order?

    • At last I think things are starting to come together. We have the main areas settling into place, and I actually put a few things on the walls today! I still have the office/Audrey room to tackle with intention, and the guest room. I love getting to this stage so the fun stuff can really begin 🙂

    • You are so right, Heather! In the thick of things it’s easy to lose sight of the details that make a difference. I am really glad the painting is done – every time I open the closet door it makes me smile 🙂

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