DIY Gift Idea: Make A Golf Towel for Dad!

DIY Gift Idea: Make A Golf Towel for Dad!

With Father’s Day coming up here’s a quick and easy DIY gift idea for dad! This comes fully endorsed by my own Dad, who golfs almost daily, and does not love regular golf towels. Why? Well, because he finds them too long, and a little too bulky.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Face Cloth(s), on the larger side (13×13), with woven band close to one edge
  • Eyelet Kit, 1/4″ size
  • Fabric marking pencil, scissors, hammer


Your eyelet kit will provide complete installation instructions. I used DRITZ eyelets.

DRITZ Eyelet Kit

Installing Eyelet Instructions

Below are a few specific steps for the golf towel, which I expanded on from the above.

1. Mark the woven band of the face cloth in the corner for eyelet placement.

Marked Face Cloth for Eyelet Placement

Make sure you use the eyelet as the guide so you leave enough room for it along the edges.

2. Carefully snip the mark just large enough for the eyelet to push through.

Snipping Hole for Eyelet

You want the eyelet to fit snugly through the hole so the fabric doesn’t pull away when the eyelet is inserted.

Inserting Eyelet

Notice this is the back of the face cloth? The little eyelet teeth poking through are going to bend over, so you want that to happen on the back!

3. Install eyelet on a solid surface, and make sure surface is protected.

Inserting Eyelet

I placed a cloth over a brick on my table.

Follow the steps from the kit to complete the eyelet installation.

Steps to Inserting the Eyelet

Remember I mentioned the eyelet teeth in Step 2? The last image shows how they look after they are bent over.

And this is what the front looks like.

Installed Eyelets Right-Side-Up

Can you see how close each eyelet has been placed to the corner seams? I did this for two reasons:

  1. The seams provide extra strength for the fabric where the eyelets have been installed.
  2. Having the eyelets placed tightly in the corners leaves less fabric to get in the way of the hook that attaches the towel to the golf bag.

Note, I did not reinforce the area with interfacing where the eyelets were to go even though the instructions said to do this.

I made two towels for Dad so that when one is in the wash, the other is on his cart!

DIY Golf Towel Project

This project is so simple, and honestly takes no time at all. It took me longer to put this post together than it would have to do up 10 towels, no joke!

Are you creating gifts for your dad or your husband, or both? I’d love to hear about your projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Photographs by Sheila Zeller

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