DIY: Giving Terracotta Pots A Second Life

DIY: Giving Terracotta Pots A Second Life

Last week I took a little gander at my random collection of plant pots, you know to start thinking about prettifying the yard a bit. I love terracotta pots, but mine have definitely seen better days.

Like this one!

Chipped Terracotta Plant Pot

This is the biggest one I have, and it’s been around for at least 10 years, not to mention through a move or two…

Here’s a few more added to the mix.

Prepping Terracotta Pots to Paint

See what I mean? The big pots are in pretty tough shape around the rim.

So I decided to paint this bunch and give them a new life. It’s not like there’s anything to lose, right?

I started by brushing off all the dust and dirt with a stiff-bristled hand broom, and then lightly primed each pot with spray primer.

Primed terracotta plant pots

The wind showed up just in time, and made spraying evenly almost impossible.

I decided to give this Krylon ‘Make-It-Stone’ textured spray paint a try.

Krylon Make It Stone Spraypaint

But I didn’t notice until it was too late that this paint is an indoor paint. Oops! Oh well, like I said, there’s not much to lose at this point.

The pots took the paint really well, but they looked a little boring all sprayed out in stone.

So I went over the rims and sprayed them black instead.

Painting Terracotta Pots

I was trying a little ombre touch here, but a few days later, decided I didn’t really like that either! My technique was a little too blotchy, don’t you think?

So I prepped the pots for another coat of the Krylon Stone to go over the Ombre attempt.

Taping Terracotta Pots to Paint

This additional coat made a big difference to the finished look. I liked the outcome much better than the first round.

Here’s a little peak at round two.

Krylon 'Make It Stone' & Black Rim

I think they look better like this, even up-side-down 😉

And since I liked the way the pots looked, I gave them a few clear coats to seal them, and called it a wrap. Hopefully this will help protect the ‘indoor’ paint from the elements, at least for this season!

Want to see them all planted up?

I stayed with bright red Geraniums and Dracaena in all the pots. They’re pretty hardy plants that I usually manage to keep alive!

I wanted the red to pop against the black and stone colours of the pot, and once the Geraniums fill out, I think they’ll be showy.

The Rhodoes in the background are actually our neighbours, but we get to enjoy them as a backdrop!

Remember the ‘before’ of the big planter?

Chipped Terracotta Plant Pot

What do you think of it now?

Notice the water on the rim? I think that’s a good sign that the sealer is doing its job!

Have you painted terracotta pots for outside? Were you happy with the results?

We spent our weekend weeding, and planting up flowers, herbs, and some of Makaria Farm’s famous tomatoes. I hope you’ll pop back for a little tour of what we’ve done!



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 Photos: Sheila Zeller

14 thoughts on “DIY: Giving Terracotta Pots A Second Life”

  • I think this a so great, it really fits with your outside ideas,and the inside paint might even get a great look after a few weeks of outside exposure

  • We did pretty much the same thing – lots and lots of yard work. I think we filled about 8 lawn bags full of weeds and lawn debris. I got all of my planting done as well, and went with some red too. I love geraniums – they one of my favorite flowers to use as they are really hardy. I have a few in planters in our back yard that I’ll post about soon – one even made it through the winter in our garage if you can believe that (THAT is hardy!). I think the new look to your pots is great – I love that you did black around the rim.

    • Thank you, Holly! Doesn’t it feel great to have a weekend like this? I loved it, and there’s such a sense of accomplishment. Then the fun begins as you get to watch everything grow 🙂

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I was actually searching today for a ‘stone texture’ DIY project for some vases I have! And would you look at that- here is a great idea right in front of me 🙂

    • This makes me happy! There was also a nice beigy mix, a greeny mix, and I think there was a white and cream blend, too. I got my paint at Rona as it was almost $3 cheaper than at Home Depot! Good luck with your vases 🙂

  • Love your rejuvenated terra cotta pots 🙂 The black rims are really sharp and look great with the red geraniums.

    I’ve painted terra cotta & plastic planters. They’ve all held up quite well, but I noticed that the paint on one of the planters has started to fade. And there are chips here and there. But overall, I’ve been happy with them 🙂

  • I actually have a spray can of that Krylon that I never used. I looove the black on the rim- hope you do not mind I copy you! 🙂 Very pretty!

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