DIY Planter Makeover for Herbs & Garden Gnomes

Not too long ago I was given a hand-me-down planter with these little gnomes that hang off the sides. Now I know these guys are pretty cute, but I’m not so much into cutesy garden things. Don’t unfriend me for that!

Garden Gnomes

Okay, they’re actually kind of hard to resist with their mischievous little faces… they spell trouble, right? But, I still wasn’t convinced. I kept trying to decide where to feature this planter with these little guys, and then it all came together for me!

Here’s a look at what I did.

Painting Garden Gnomes

Poor, unsuspecting little guys! I painted the planter, too.

And then potted it up.

Sweet Marjoram…

Sweet Marjoram - Container Planting

Rosemary & Basil…

Rosemary & Basil - Container Planting

and Thyme.

Thyme - Container Planting

And look who popped up!

Basil - Container Planting

See what I mean about mischievous? How did he get in there??

And what’s this guy doing hanging around here?

White Garden Gnome

So bad. I knew they were trouble!

Garden Gnome Planter

I guess my planter of herbs is their new playground!

Herbs - Container Planting

I’m hoping the herbs will survive in this planter, but if not I’m game to move them and try something else!

How about you? Have you given herbs in a planter a try? And what about garden gnomes? Are they in or out at your home, or have you already unfriended me for that? 😉

Today I’m linking up over at Satori Design to join Shauna and the gang for the outdoor extravaganza party. Why not pop over and check out what everyone else has been up to! And if you’re into potting up herbs, check out Shauna’s tutorial. She’s has a few great tricks to share!

Project featured over at Living Savvy. Thanks so much Tiffany!

Living Savvy

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Signature 100x47 b&w

Photographs by Sheila Zeller

9 Replies to “DIY Planter Makeover for Herbs & Garden Gnomes”

  1. I’m not normally a fan of garden gnomes, but these guys actually look kind of cute in white 🙂 Gotta love how a can of spray paint can make everything better 🙂

    I’ve grown chives in a flower planter on the front porch – they kind of look like ornamental grass. and they’re handy for adding to scrambled eggs & salads 🙂

  2. They are funny…the pic of them being painted cracks me up. Better in white I agree:) The pot is so cute with the feet. I have herbs growing on my kitchen window ledge. Mostly basil and Chives the rosemary did not cooperate. My you gals have been busy with your outdoor projects. Puts me to shame! Nice job Sheila…tasty summer dinners await!

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