DIY Platform for a BBQ

DIY Platform for a BBQ

So today my hubby and I were going to level out the area where out BBQ sits. You see, the wind flipped it over back in January, and destroyed it. But, our great weather yesterday did not hold 🙁 And so… no outside work for us today, but here’s a look at the mini project anyway.

Here’s where the BBQ usually sits.

Photo: Sheila Zeller

Well, this is the one that ‘got away’, but we’ve bought a new one.

And this is the little area we need to level.

Photo: Sheila Zeller

Well, not exactly… this is how it looked when we moved in. But we’ve since relocated the drain pipe, and pulled all the weeds. Do you remember the whole landscaping project back in the summer? (You can read about it here, here and here). We need to maximize this area so the BBQ can be swung away from the house when we’re using it.

The spot is only about 4′ x 6′, so we’ve been looking into paving stones, aggregate slabs, and a few other options. We also want to incorporate a tie-down system to secure our new BBQ in place from the nasty winds we get.

Here’s some of our inspiration.

Source: Growing Image

Source: The 2 Minute Gardener Blog

Source: Bourget Bros

Source: Pool and Patio

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

I know we’ll have to be careful how much space is left between whatever we decide to use for paving stones or slabs, and if we go gravel in between, it’ll have to be small, but this area really is so tiny that I think we’ll be able to get away with more than most.

I think we’re headed off to at least look at our paving stone options!

Have you got any plans for the weekend? I hope whatever you’re doing, it’s a great one!



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8 thoughts on “DIY Platform for a BBQ”

  • Wow, I really, really wish we lived closer to each other because we (and by “we” I mean “me”) are undertaking the exact same thing. A small back yard filled with little stones that needs to be transformed into a bbq oasis. Keep me posted on what you decide because I”m starting this project with very little knowledge.

  • Your inspiration photos have done just that: inspired me. I will definitely be pinning some of those. I had all kinds of good intentions to garden this weekend too, but our Island weather does not seem to be co-operating. Oh well, may have to tackle some indoor DIY’s instead. Happy weekend!

  • I can’t wait to see if you go the pavers route and which ones you choose. I’m excited for the nicer weather to be upon us and to start taking it outside and seeing the gorgeous outdoor spaces of my favorite blog friends. Have a great weekend!

  • Great inspiration pics!
    Gardening and landscaping is so intimidating to me! We need to do so much outside… fence, exterior painting, garage door, garden, shade structure, etc… yikes, better get cracking! 🙂

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