DIY Project: Re-covering Lid of Pine Chest

DIY Project: Re-covering Lid of Pine Chest

Let the projects begin!

Do you remember the fabrics that Kaleigh picked for her room? If not here’s another look.

The gold has been selected to re-cover the lid of her pine chest and also a few throw pillows. But the pine chest is up first.

Here’s a look at it before the work begins.

This chest was made for Kaleigh by my parents. There is a bit of sentimental value to it because the pine is actually left over from the vaulted ceiling of the home we built on the Charlottes, and the fabric… well it’s left over from an antique chair my Mom refinished. Let’s just say the fabric is better suited for the antique chair 😉

Kaleigh originally used this chest for a toy box, but since she’s long outgrown toys, she stores her off-season shoes in it.

On to the project. I started on it yesterday by taking the lid off the chest.

For some reason I thought the lid was attached with a piano hinge, but this is what I discovered instead. And it was harder than I thought to loosen the hardware so I could remove the lid.

I’m going to re-cover over the existing fabric and was hoping to get away without a lining between it and the new fabric. But the white didn’t pop the way it should, so I have to line it 🙁

And working that out took up a bunch of time…

Because I wanted to sew the lining to the new fabric… even though I know this will make it tricky to install without any wrinkles or creases.

So there was a lot of measuring and ironing involved.

And this is where I got to last night. The sewing part is done… just ignore the light ripples. The piece does actually lay flat.

Today I’m hoping to finish re-covering the lid, and put the chest back together again.

So watch for the ‘after’ photos. They will be coming!

It’s about coming home… If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

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