Does Your ‘Today’ Have Snow In The Way?

Does Your ‘Today’ Have Snow In The Way?

Hmmm, the best laid plans…

This is how our yard looks today. White, wintery and beautiful. But ‘welcome’… Ummm, not so sure.

Winter Wonderland

Our plans for today were set. Even marked down on the calendar. Today we were going to head out and get started on holiday prepping – gather the lights and decorations from storage, get all the necessary baking supplies, and yes, do a little Christmas shopping.

Well, this scene not only set the stage for the holiday spirit, but it also stole our show! Instead of hitting the pavement, we are pulling out the snow shovels to find said pavement. Where is the driveway? I know it was here yesterday…

Backed in and backed up!

This is not much snow, I know. In fact I think it’s just a little over half a foot, but shoveling the driveway, and lugging decorations through the snow was not in the plans for today!

This little guy did inspire us to put the feeder out though.

Where did the seeds go?

Notice the broken branch he’s perched on – sadly the main branch of the ornamental cherry tree couldn’t sustain the weight of the snow. This snowfall was very moist and heavy – can you tell?

So to protect the Japanese Maple from a duplicate tragedy, my awesome hubby went back out and knocked the snow off its branches.

Snow begone...

It looks like he’s really knocking the branches, but honestly he was very gentle. Oh, and yes, he does own a jacket and boots!

Just a little taste of winter wonderland… What’s happening where you live? Does your ‘today’ have snow in the way?

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6 thoughts on “Does Your ‘Today’ Have Snow In The Way?”

  • Sheila,

    This so beautiful! I LOVE snow… I think it’s so beautiful, makes everything feel cozy, especially fresh snow. 🙂

    It’s funny.. my husband is like that, rarely wears a winter jacket. Sometime he get out there with shorts on! I don’t understand… I call him” summer boy”.. lol

    Anyway, I want to thank you for being so sweet with your comments. I really appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Luciane at

    • The birdfeeder is out and very busy indeed. So far 5 different types of birds have discovered it: Jays, Juncos, Chickadees, Sparrows and one unidentifed type – he’s quite the bully to the little guys, but they’re patient. They just wait ’til he’s gone! Lots of fun 🙂

  • Love your story, the pictures and your site, period.
    No snowy story here just yet, only awefully windy and very cold. Last night we experienced sustained 63 km/hr winds with gusts to 93 km/hr at minus 10 C.

    If I didn’t already know I need better windows, I do so now!
    Still hopeful to see you all next week,

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