Doorways Revealed!

Doorways Revealed!

Yesterday I shared some amazing doors with you, each rich with its own character and distinction. Were you able to guess where these doors are? If not, it will come as no surprise to you that they are all in New York… from one end of Manhatten to the other. Let’s take another look at them now.

42nd Street in Midtown


If you look closely you’ll see the brass door off to the right? Isn’t this whole area stunning? I love the grandeur and attention to detail.

This next door reminds me of the arched doors in Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ including the setting!

Arched Doorway at the Cloisters

Below you will see its other half…

These are just a few of the many breathtaking originals you will see inside the Cloisters medieval museum at Fort Tryon Park. Fort Tryon Park is in one of the northernmost points of Manhatten and is well worth the trip.

And here is an exterior door at the Cloisters…

Exterior door in the Bonnefont Cloister garden area


This garden is just amazing.  It contains herbs and other useful plants, but also includes some highly poisonous plants… Can you see the black door in the background?

Isn’t this entrance simply spectacular?

Near Wall Street in the Financial District

If you look closely, there is a man standing on a stool in the doorway – he’s cleaning the glass on the door. There is also security officer standing in the foyer. Sure adds some perspective to the height of this entry doesn’t it?

Here you see a set of windows around the side of the building. I love the warmth and glow of the light shining through all the glass of this architectural spectacular… and especially within the context of its surroundings.

Look dowwwnnn….

Harry's Steak House in the Financial District


This is the sidewalk just past Harry’s Steak House… yes, you have to descend the street level to enter Harry’s. The picture of the door is not an optical illusion!

This door is very intricate…

110 E.42nd Street in Midtown

A little ornate touch on the inside…

…and a lot of ornate on the outside! But with Grand Central Station in the neighbourhood, and the Chrystler Building in the near distance, there’s definitely an incentive!

Don’t let this next one scare you!

8 Hook & Ladder 8: FDNY


This doorway was included because if you look closely, just to the top left of the firetruck you will see the Ghostbusters guy (do you remember the Ghostbusters movie?). This is the actual firehall where the movie was filmed!


The firehall is in Tribeca. Can you see it straight ahead?

And here is another set of magnificent doors inside the Cloisters.

12th Century Oak & Ironwork Doors

The doors are massive, but are also incredibly strong because of the way they are constructed.

As described in ‘The Cloisters: Medieval Art and Architecture’ by Peter Barnet and Nacy Wu, the vertically arranged oak planks are reinforced with spiked iron bands on the exterior and crossbeams on the interior.


These doors are very heavy… can you tell?

Chelsea Market Exit Doors


This is what greets you inside Chelsea Market, and there’s so much more than meets the eye! Did you see the episode of Dear Genevieve when she was shopping with a client here for some accessories to complete a Turkish inspired master bath?

The Ladies Room below is as small as it looks! There is barely room for 2 people in here, and yes it has 2 stalls! You’ll find it at the back of Katz deli.

Ladies Room at Katz Deli in the lower East Side

Here’s a look toward the front door inside the famous Katz Deli. If you haven’t been, you must go! The inside is filled with neon signs everywhere…EVERYWHERE! There are photographs all over the walls of famous people who have dined there over the years, and seriously, the food is incredible. But what you might recognize Katz for is the famous scene in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’… that scene was shot here! See the round sign in the far background? It reads ‘Where Harry Met Sally… Hope You Have What She Had! Enjoy!’ Do you remember the movie? If you do, then you’ll know what scene I’m talking about!!!

From one great place to another…

Main Entrance to Trinity Church - near Ground Zero


Are there any words?

I love this elevator door because of the baseball and bat…

Elevator Doors in Chelsea Market

…I used to play fastball, so that’s why it hit a ‘homerun’ with me!

Can you see the bat and ball on the wall? I think this whole area is very cool, especially the set of elevator doors in the foreground.

This photo isn’t perfectly clear…

At the Cloisters

…but I just really liked the door detail and its latches.


The New York Subway!

Now that you know all these doors are in New York, I bet the close-up of this one was pretty obvious wasn’t it!


The Cloisters

Even though this is not literally a door, I thought it was a beautiful doorway.


The Cloisters

And I thought this courtyard was so peaceful. I love its simplicity, and openness… a great place to collect your thoughts.


Pedestrian Overpass & Vehicle Tunnel in Fort Tryon Park

This is enroute to the Cloisters, and though it’s not a door, I wanted to share it with you because it’s really a doorway for what’s to come.

The engineering and craftsmanship is amazing, and is just a taste of what you will see once inside the Cloister museum.

I thought it fitting to end with this set of doors to the Trinity Church. They are so beautiful…

Back Entrance to Trinity Church

And yet they’re quite tucked away. But maybe that’s because the setting is just as lovely.

You can’t really see the doors, but they’re there right in behind the lush green trees, center-left…

I hope you’ve enjoyed all these doors as much I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Do you think they’re rich with character and distinction? Which ones do you like best?

If you want a remarkable space that tells your story, contact me to see how we can help!

Photos: Sheila Zeller

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